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Official Predictons Thread

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Come on folks, I know you're out there. Why's it so quiet here? Huh?


My take?


Ravens 27, Eagles 17. The Ravens are going to run all over the Eagles and dominate field position and time of possession. Donovan will hardly have time to do his thing. And while Joe won't have the greatest day he's had, he won't need to.

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Ravens 27 eagles 10.


i don't see McNabb taking advantage of our secondary like he has against others.. he has been a slow starter and we're gonna make em pay. They get a 3 in the first half, and a td in the 4th.

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Guest BallTMore

I also like the Ravens Sunday. Our defense should be able to keep Philly's non-existent running game down, and McNabb probably won't be able to exploit our secondary. Flacco is harassed, but still makes plays. Ray Rice has a big game running and finally gets in the endzone without it being negated by a penalty.



Ravens- 27

Fluffy Eagles- 16

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Crav, can i just keep this name and get my post count back? I've wanted a new name since I'm out of college now went to Bowling Green State University.


I tried to sign in under my name but i can't validate my name cause the e-mail i had before was my school e-mail which has been cancelled. I put in a new email but it hasnt arrived to validate bgsu name again.


So i figure i just get my post count back and use this name.

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What is a PM?


Personal Message. Click on the member's name, then click "View Member Profile", then click "Send Message".


My prediction:


Ravens - 13

Eagles - 16


This will be a defensive struggle with each side committing a couple of turnovers. The Ravens will be able to neutralize Brian Westbrook pretty effectively, but will not be able to get to Donovan McNabb consistently enough as he uses his legs to buy time then burning the secondary with his arm for key third down conversions. With a battered-up offensive line, the Eagles will get to Joe Flacco a couple of times. Special teams will also play a factor as the Ravens continue to falter with an inconsistent kicking and return game.

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