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How long can it last?


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This is a good article...it's worth reading the whole thing because while it tells the truth about the D it also tells the truth about Joe, Ray and the Ravens offense.


This is a full-blown red alert. All hands to battle stations for Baltimore.

The run defense is busted. Something is wrong. The toughness that was once a trademark of that run defense is gone. Look at what the Cowboys, one of the worst run offenses in football, did: They ran Murray, Felix Jones (who is terrible), and two somebody or others named Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar (Dunbar was just called up from the practice squad last week) for 227 yards. That's the most ever given up in a game by the Ravens. Baltimore has also given up 200 yards in consecutive games for the first time in franchise history.

The Dallas Fearsome Foursome played tag team on Baltimore. You want a 15-yard run? Sure, here you go, pal. How about you, would you like a 20-yard scamper up the middle? Sure, thank you, may I have another?

This is a remarkable thing to see, actually. As good as the Ravens are, they have been elevating minus what has been traditionally a benchmark -- tough, uber-tackling run defense. The Ravens of the past didn't miss tackles and they certainly didn't let practice-squad players run all over them.

Those Ravens were prideful, relentless and brutal. Spit and blood. Now they're the ones getting a cleat to the neck.




Right now the Ravens have a very good offense and solid Special Teams. That's 2/3rds of the game. Then a "bend but don't break" D.

Can they keep winning?

In 2000 they had the 2/3rds in Defense and Special Teams with a ball protecting offense that made the "occasional big play". They rode that to a Super Bowl....but the D was as once in a lifetime unit.


The question is: Can they find the 2012 winning formula in this team to produce similar results?

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It's worse than that even. Everyone is fixating on the run defense but that's just the latest way teams are racking up the yards on us. The pass D is just as bad. Vick threw for almost 400 yards on the Ravens thru the Air and Brady and Wheedon had big days as well. Wheedon could have had 400 yards if Greg Little didnt suck so bad. This defense is all around terrible right now. If they fix the run defense, it will still be a very bad defense.

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I'm honestly not that worried about the D. Look at the "best" team in the NFL the Texans last night. They got absolutely lit up, parody is the norm this season in the NFL. If the offense can just extend a few drives...THEY DON'T HAVE TO SCORE... just extend a few drives and balance the TOP. In the PHI/KC/Dal games I believe the TOP was well in their favor. This team will be fine if we can wait out the storm.

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So before the season when I was saying the Run D was bad I was told it was fine.



Oh God! This is sooo hard!

Do I have to say you were ri....riiii...riiiigh...


You never said they would be this bad!


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I thought our defense would be off this year but I expected it to occur in pass defense due to lack of pass rush. I have to admit I'm stunned by how awful the run D is. What happened to how Cody and Ngata would clog up the middle?


I think Ray Lewis is done and ought to hang it up after this season for his own pride's sake. He's just not what he used to be. I saw Ray still trying his utmost but he misses as many tackles as he makes and he's easily blockable. Ditto for Ed Reed who can't tackle probably because he's afraid (and rightly so) of further damaging his nerve impingement.


Another thing that has happenned to the Ravens is that the last 3 linebackers drafted have, at best, left a lot to be desired. Kindle, Kruger, and Upshaw. While I'm not yet ready to give up on Upshaw I'd have to call KIndle and Kruger busts. Maybe Cody falls in there too.


The offense is good enough to go to the Super Bowl and Special Teams play has really improved this year. But, you've got to have SOME D to become a champion and our defense is downright embarrassingly awful. I've kept waiting for them to wake up but after 6 games it looks like they have either a serious talent problem or coaching (Pees) problem.


With Webb out I think the next 10 games are going to a real big struggle for this team.

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At least this is some good news. The bye is comming at the right time for this team. I just hope they don't miss looking at Houston while looking to reach the bye.

Houston will be one pissed off team Sunday.

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The bleeding's got to stop. Maybe having Ray out will help...can't believe I just said that.


Here's who the D is missing from last year...Johnson, Redding, Lewis, Webb and Suggs.. The just got younger overnight....but not more talented.

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