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Browns big chance


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There's no hiding that this Ravens team is hanging on by their teeth, so this is the Brownies big chance to take down the Ravens.

They beat the Chargers at home and, as we know, the Ravens are Mr. Hyde on the road...or Rosie O'Donnell.


Yea...things can get worse. Everybody's running on the Ravens....and throwing. Why not the Browns?

That's how bad it is.


On the ohter hand...this can be a get healthy game for the Ravens.


2 Keys:

1. The offense has to convert on 3rd down. That will extend drives and help get them in rythmn. It will give the defense a blow and change the drastic loss in time of possesion this team has created.

2. The defense has to hold on 3rd down and get off the field. They have to give the ball to the offense.

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I agree and would add that we absolutely have to shut down Trent Richardson and make Weeden play like a rookie. if we can control these two guys,

we could be OK. I expect a hard fought,very low scoring game. A 17-16 kind of score with a late game winning FG.


Our season is really hanging in the balance. Win Sunday in Cleveland; then we can maybe right the ship.

A pivotal game for sure.

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Love the glass half full optimism, Yager. I dont have the same confidence as you when it comes to Cam and Peas. Regardless, we will struggle mightily and grind with the Browns for the entire 60 minutes. The Browns played us practically even last month at M& T and we were at full strength ! They held Phillip Rivers & Co to a measly 6 points at home, and Trent Richardson ran all over the Chargers. Anything can happen on Sunday, but look for an extremely low scoring, grind it out, FG margin of victory game.


At the rate we are playing, I dont care if we win 3-2 on a 55 yd Justin Tucker FG with 0:01 left in the game. I will take a W at any cost !



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I like the no-huddle hurry-up offense a lot but its time to ditch it, especially on the road. Our defense needs to be off the field more.

If we run Ray Rice and Joe has an 'on' day we'll win it but I was stunned when the Brownies beat the Chargers.

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The Ravens offense didn't score in the second half of the Browns game....and that was here...at home.



I want to see solid, fundamental Ravens football Sunday.


and I want to see this...


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