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We're halfway through the season so is the glass half empty or half full?


Before I start let me tell you: I'm one confused Ravens fan.


I read this and thought "The truth hurts....


You want to know why few people trust Baltimore at 6-2? Look what happened Sunday: It went 30 minutes and seven consecutive series in Cleveland without gaining a first down ... and defense, not offense, is supposed to be the Ravens' problem.



but bullshit kills".


I'm not calling 6-2 bullshit, because getting a win in the NFL is a very difficult task. The Ravens have some quality wins over the Bengals, Patriots and Cowboys. They do have the second best record in the AFC halfway through the season.


Yet....These 2012 Ravens do not have the feel of a strong, playoff caliber 6-2 record.

The feel of an "on the rise" 6-2 record.


It feels like a "hanging on" 6-2 record or an "on the ropes" 6-2 record.


It's great to be 6-2 considering all the injuries and poor performances by the Ravens. I'll take it because that means the season is not over yet. They can get better. They are in position. A lot of teams are not "in position".


The Ravens have to get better now...time has run out.... because look at the second half schedule...it's Showtime....


Raiders....Palmer is a shell of his former self but he still might have the Ravens number.

The Steelers twice with the Chargers in between? That 3 game stretch will show us if this 2012 Ravens team are contenders or pretenders. It could sink the season.

Then comes the Indigenous Persons. Fortunately, the Ravens get them in DC where Shannyrat is 5-15.

Then 2 games against the Manning Brothers. Somehow I don't think Eli will suck like he did against the Steelers. That's his 1 bad game for the year. Peyton's on fire.

Close out with the Bengals.


Can this team even go .500 through that? Do that and they are 10-6.


I thought they improved against the Browns....but it was the Browns so who knows?


I want to believe in Harbaugh and this coaching staff. The last 4 years is proof that they know how to build winning teams. Playoff teams. This is their biggest challenge.


I do believe in the ton of talent this team has. It is still loaded. On paper they have enough talent to piece together a very good team.


This is a real head scratcher for me. Half full? Or half empty?

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My conjecture is that the glass is half empty and the Ravens are almost running on fumes right now considering how difficult the rest of the schedule is. We could quite possibly wind up at 8-8. The Steelers have gotten over their early season stumbles and are almost 'hot' right now or at least warm. They seem to be on the upswing and the Ravens on the downswing.


Know this, though, I tend to be more of a pessimist than an optimist. But I am definitely worried.

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Im positive, we should be 7-1..We take care of the Raiders Sunday that gets us to 7-2 then on to Picksburg. throw the stats out of the window when we get together, caus they dont matter.


We need to go 3-1 over the next 4 games, a Stealers sweep would be nice, only good thing it wont be December when we play San Diego.


If after the next 4 we are 9-3, then start saving for the playoff tickets.

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Absolutely, put pressure on a QB and suddenly the CBs are covering much better. And Williams has 4 INTs. He's not playing that poorly. There's just a total lack of pass rush. Suggs will not only affect the CBs with shorter coverage periods, he's going to allow others like Kruger etc to get 1 on 1s to the QB.

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I don't know.


I do not think the D is going to get much better so that's going to be what it is.


But the offense...seriously...at times they look absolutely unstoppable. Like, dare I say it, the best offense in the NFL. Then, all of a sudden, getting a first down, just a single one, becomes an insurmountable obstacle for them.


I don't know. If they could find some kind, any kind of consistency on offense, 6-2 is just the beginning of something great ... but can they?

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At this point the guy who can impact the rest of this season the most is Joe.

It's his time.

If Joe gets hot and consistent the Ravens get tough.


"Doe de doe de dum de dum..."



We can only expect a small amount of improvement from the defense given their circumstances.

There are some really good QB's coming up in the next 8 games...no more WeeDones.


Don't forget Special Teams...they are good and will help too.

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At least against the Browns we got in a funk while still trying to run the ball. For a few series Ray was only picking up 1 and 2 yards a carry on 1st and 2nd down and then Joe wasn't picking up the other 6-8 yards on 3rd down. Previously, we would have just abandoned the run and Joe would have thrown it for 3 incompletions and out.


Basically the offense looks best when we run it, throw in playaction and get Joe in the Shotgun for some quick throws. That is our formula to win with offense.

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