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Where to start ?

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The most glaring problem on this team is the defensive backfield,its been atrocious embarrasing really.This is the worst backfield I've ever seen.They don't have a clue.Oh and Ed Reed is done.The offensive line gets it done sometimes but theres no consistancy.The Ravens need a better QB,Joe is not the answer.Either we lose on purpose like the Colts and Skins last year or expect years of the same futile effort. This league is like Rec league now its a joke.Teams are rewarded for sucking by getting prime draft picks. While teams that work with what they have get screwed. This league now is BS.Wrestling and Football are pretty much the same.Entertainment like a play or a movie. I just need to go into it understanding that.Heck I got some work done during the game, in my garden once I realized that.Win or lose The Ravens arn't going to send me a check or help with my yard work. I just wish I could remember that on game day before the game that is. It ain't all that.Right!

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Where i would start? Dont bother playing Ray and T sizz its not worth the risk. We are going no where real fast. With the way we are playing as a team right now i dont want to go into denver and get embarrassed. Id rather not make the playoffs.


As far as our drafting goes we need a center. Then strictly go d with the picks. Kruger is putting up some good numbers. Just hop it carrys over to next year. Cody needs to put the weight back on he is getting manhandled. Ngata needs to get healthy. Elerbee cant stay healthy so mlb is priority. We need cbs how is cary williams in the pro bowl? We need reeds replacement.


Its going to be a few year rebuild process. Get used to some 8-8 football.

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Wow Crav. Reality has settled in. Its OK, it could be worse. We could be in Arizona and rooting for Cardinals !

We will turn this crapper around !

Good God man. There is nothing to root for out here.

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