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So the things i predicted for the season that I was spot on with.


Ravens 10-6.

They won the Div.

Ravens, Cincy, Pitt, Cle

Cincy WC

Peirce is good.

The D and specifically the run D is not good.

Ed's skills getting him in trouble.

The OL not working right

RR not being maximized

Cameron wasting more time and talent.


These are just off the top of my head.

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Cite your sources. I can't find any official prediction threads.


Meanwhile, Spen is dead-on. I wonder if this is how you talk to people in the real world. "By the way, Suzy, I was right... the veal was overcooked. Knew it. Told you not to order it." "Hey Boss, did I remind you yet that the economy would tank... told you."


Prediction... this one is tough, but I'm going to go for it... No one gives a shit, because even the teenagers here are adults.

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Papa... that's what discussion is about. It's conversation.


Without getting too nerdy on you (wait, no, I will)... discussion comes from words meaning to agitate, to prod and to examine in argument; to converse comes from words way back meaning to live and dwell upon...


People disagree with you. Like you, they are not always correct. But that's part of the discussion and conversation. To throw ideas around. And again, as adults, it's not about coming back to say "told you so!"


The only real commentary I see made towards you is about you frequently having to tout that you are right after a conversation. You may say "feel free to disagree," but in reality, you who don't like when people disagree with you. Saying "told you so" only proves that further.


I converse to live. Deal with it. I'll disagree just to disagree sometimes. If we had all just shut up when you said the O's would fold... we'd all have been wrong. And we'd also all have been pretty cynical about a damn good thing.

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Papa... I think what Crav was saying was that claiming pride on "predicting" 10-6 (still haven't seen that) isn't that great when we threw the last game. Not that I think it's great regardless.

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I'm just pointing out the goofiness of your statements...


You don't believe "you are your record"


But you also want to take credit for predicting a record.


So you want to take credit for predicting something that is meaningless?


Back to the point - Crav said "you can't be happy with how we made you right - by giving away the last game." And you dodged and said I don't care about records. All I'm doing is putting you back on point.

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