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Boller update


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same old Kyle...


The photo on the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Web site said it all.


Rams quarterback Kyle Boller, with a gutty, determined looking on his face... that is, while picking himself up off the turf.


Boller had what amounted to a homecoming Sunday as he and his teammates played in San Francisco. Boller attended the University of California in nearby Berkeley and the 49ers have ex-Ravens assistant Mike Singletary as their head coach.


Thanks to a Marc Bulger injury, Boller made his first start for the Rams, but was a mere 13-for-24 passing for 108 yards and an interception that was run back for a score. He also lost a fumble.


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Guest BallTMore
Look what the guy has had to work with his entire career...


His brain? rimshot.gif


I like Boller as a person, but after watching the 2007 Patriots-Ravens game, and comparing him to Flacco, it's clear he just doesn't have "it". I swear I could read Kyle's thoughts when re-watching that game. He looked like he was thinking, "Okay, first read isn't open, should I look for my second? NO! Panic!"


He made some plays, but he just looked frantic.


Flacco looks so smooth in the pocket, and he scans the field so calmly. The difference is amazing.


Still, good luck to Kyle. I hope he has success in the future.

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Starting again..


Backup Kyle Boller will make his third start of the year Sunday against the Seahawks.


Boller has played in three games, completing 57 percent of his passes with two touchdown passes and three interceptions. He finished a 36-17 loss to the Packers after Bulger injured his rotator cuff on a sack and started the next two games, a 35-0 loss to the 49ers and 38-10 loss to the Vikings, but was shaken up in that game and replaced by Bulger.



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Guest BallTMore
Damn...didn't Phelps date her too? She gets around for someone with such conservative values.


I wouldn't call two people in a year or years "getting around". lol (I don't really know her dating background, though.)

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