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Joe earned every penny


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Remember when you made fun of Joe Flacco after he said he was the best quarterback in the NFL last April? Like so many times over the past two years, Flacco had the last laugh. Except this time, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

Flacco became the highest-paid player in NFL history when he agreed to a six-year, $120.6 million contract Friday, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Did the Ravens overpay him? Certainly. Should Flacco get paid more than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? No way. But those questions are really irrelevant when it comes to contracts in the NFL, which is all about timing. When Flacco hoisted up the Lombardi Trophy 26 days ago, he essentially had the Ravens in the palm of his hand as well in terms of leverage. Flacco put the Ravens in a situation where they were forced to do everything in their power to sign the Super Bowl MVP, and he made them pay handsomely to do so.

Don't criticize the Ravens for giving a lottery jackpot to a quarterback who has never been to a Pro Bowl. Instead, you should applaud Flacco for earning it by playing his best when it mattered the most. He really did put his money where his mouth is. Flacco could've played it safe by signing a deal worth $16 million per year before this season. But Flacco gambled on himself and the rest is Super Bowl -- and NFL contract -- history.



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As everyone has heard by now, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco became the NFL's highest-paid player when he agreed to a six-year, $120.6 million contract Friday. Here are more details about the record-setting deal that surfaced Saturday from the Baltimore Sun and CBS Sports:

  • Flacco will average $20.1 million over the life of the deal, which is slightly more than Drew Brees ($20 million).
  • Flacco will average $62 million over the first three years, which is $1 million more than Brees in the first three years of his deal.
  • Flacco's salary-cap number is $7 million, which is $12 million lower than the cap hit from the exclusive franchise tag. That means the Ravens have more money to spend on keeping their own free agents like safety Ed Reed and linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Paul Kruger.
  • Based on the $120.6 million deal, he will make an average of $168,908 each day of the regular season for the next six years.
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If his cap number for this year is really $7 million, the Ravens deserve an award for the contract and Bisciotti should have all of our thanks for putting up the dough---along with all the Ravens' fans.

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Here's some more details leaking out....$52 mil signing bonus....



The guaranteed portion of quarterback Joe Flacco's record-setting, $120.6 million, six-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens is worth $52 million, a person with knowledge of the negotiations told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday.

The deal will count $6.8 million against the Ravens' $123-million salary cap this season, and Flacco will receive $62 million for the first three years of the deal and $51 million for the first two years, the person said.

Flacco's $62 million average over the first three years trumps the $60 million New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees received last summer in his six-year, $120 million deal, the previous most lucrative deal for an NFL player.



It's very cap friendly this year so Ozzie has 2 years to draft well and find less expensive starters to replenish the roster. That will be the key moving forward....drafting and developing players....as it always has been with this organization.

The days of having a significant to medium amount of upper middle income players is over. Suggs, Ngata, Rice, Yanda, Joe and their contracts represent a huge amount of the salary cap. The rest of the team will have to be bargan basement deals or slightly above.

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6.8 mil hit this year??


Are we in trouble years 3 thru 6?


They are all salary years (3-6), so if Joe tanks, then the Ravens are stuck with the prorated signing bonus over those 3 years. If he's great...who cares.

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