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Chris Canty


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“@AlbertBreer: Chris Canty gets $8M over 3 years, with $2.8M guarantee in Baltimore.”


^ Great signing for a guy that was due to make over $6 Million this year and had signed a 6 year $42 million a few years ago.




^ Looks like he also probably took less money to come here, gotta love that.



“@AlbertBreer: As it turns out, the Packers' doctors wouldn't sign off on Chris Canty after his physical. The Chiefs, Titans and Ravens obviously did.”


^Also very interesting. We'll need to look into this a bit more, I hadn't read injury was part of the problem when he was cut.

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He's a good fit for this defense....



..Canty can play on the interior of the line and on the edge. The Ravens could use him to in the middle of the defense to challenge Terrence Codyicon-article-link.gif for playing time, or he could also slide out to the end and complete with Arthur Jones and Pernell McPhee.


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Scouts Inc.Canty was only active for nine games in 2012 because of a knee injury. He's a big, strong, athletic interior lineman who has improved as both a run and pass defender. Canty has great length, which hinders his ability to maintain proper pad level at times, but he has learned how to utilize active hands to leverage blockers. He has decent range for a defensive tackle and flashes quickness to penetrate gaps while defending the run and rushing the passer. Canty is an eight-year veteran who provides great experience and consistency.
5.jpg= elite1.jpg= poor
  • 5.jpg Run Defense
  • 4.jpg Pass Rush

  • 4.jpg Quickness

  • 5.jpg Strength

  • 4.jpg Recognition

  • 4.jpg Durability














Here's the Scouting report from Insider. Rated a 78 overall, Ellerbe a 76 and Kruger a 75 for what it's worth.

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