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Seeya Ed


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Ed is being Ed...funny as shit.


Houston flies him in on a private jet. They take him out to dinner with his friend Andre Johnson. Ride around the city in a Limo. Take him to a rodeo. They don't want anybody else to get him so they apply the full court press.

He leaves without signing a deal! :laugh:

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The Texans and some of their front office greeted Reed as if he was an astronaut who had returned from one of those famed Apollo space missions, and they might have
found out he is just as spacey.


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I got a chuckle out of that line. Then Preston had to talk about himself


He was about to be missed on Sundays, and so were those stares and tough words he used to have for me in the locker room and on the radio during the course of the week.


I hate when reporters and writers insert themselves into the story.

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Poor Texans, they thought it was in the bag..LOL



Who takes a brother to a rodeo?? LOL

Ed at a rodeo ? ? That reminds me of an 80's flick - think it was called

Stir Crazy with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder when they busted out prison from a Texas rodeo.


Ed Reed at a rodeo? Did they take him to a NASCAR race and chew some Red Man too ? :)

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On breaking news and inside information: If it's not a major sports site like SI, ESPN, NFL.com don't rely of accuracy. These sites get their info 3rd and 4th hand. They basicly read what we read.... and the breaking news on the wire and put their spin on it.

For example: NFL.com has a reporter at every team site right now. It might be this guy...14271.jpg....but the teams know to give him the news first.

Now...a lot of these sites have solid talent evaluators and some good writers worth reading.

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More speculation....



Ravens To Meet With Reed's Agent In Phoenix
Ownership from the Ravens and Texans plan to meet with Ed Reedicon-article-link.gif's agent at the league meetings in Phoenix next week, reports CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora. The Ravens will reportedly make their push for the safety. La Canfora says the bottom line is the Texans' offer wasn't substantial enough to preclude Reed from signing and the "door is still wide open for the Ravens."


My daughter wants an Ed Reed jersey. I'm holding back.

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