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Boston Bombing


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The toll of injured keeps rising...I hear up to 135 right now with 2 dead.

This is terrible. There are too many sick and twisted people in this world.

I'll never complain about being searched again.

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Crav - so wrong and so idiotic sometimes. Your fervor is at times admirable, but frequently excruciating. Let's clear up some simple things:


--Chechnya is not in the Middle East by any standard definition. It's closeby, but it's in Russia. Kyrgyzstan, where the kids apparently lived at some point, is even further from the Middle East. (They are apparently Muslim, though)

--While the older brother apparently hadn't been here long - even he does not seem to have had any long-term (as in pre-arrival) plan to do damage to the US. There are quotes that he wished to fight for the US in the Golden Gloves competition - and did so well, but was denied the US label and refused to fight for Russia.

--The younger brother clearly must have come here with a goal to destroy us - seeing as he seemingly arrived in the US between age 9 and 12. Makes total sense. Sleeper cell, right?

--The younger brother was nationalized, not granted asylum. He took US citizenship last year - probably because he had to wait to be of age to due so.


I have no sympathy for these guys. But we don't have to turn this into what you want it to be. I am happy that at least one will have to face true justice. And I cannot disagree more about "closing the borders." If we're all xenophobic assholes, I'm sure nothing bad will ever happen again.

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One more - less connected, but hard to follow your tangents sometimes...


The Taliban exists in Afghanistan - it is a political group, government and sponsors terrorist activity. Al Qaeda is the international terror network.


The Taliban has no footprint in Russia. It in all probability has nothing to do with anything this week.


Al Qaeda may have something to do with these attacks as they have some connections to Chechnya. But considering these guys hadn't been in Chechnya in years - the younger one in probably more than a decade - I'm going to guess that Al Qaeda was a bit less involved than you'd like to think.

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