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Boycott Pats/Bucs game


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I'm not going to turn that channel on.

Don't want to see the NFL expand over seas because new franchises means the talent level, which is already diluted, will be diluted to a point where we don't recognize the game.


I don't want a Super Bowl in England when 32 teams are in the USA.


I'm not buying the leagues cool aid.


First Tokiyo...then Canada...Mexico...Europe...and not one place sporting a college football system and talent pool to support expansion.


Then teams have to fly back from these far away places and play the next Sunday?

For what!?

Not us the fans.

Not for the players.


Money and TV ratings talk so a boycott is all we have to stop this nonsense.

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I don't understand why they are trying to expand to London. It doesn't make sense logistically. If you are going to expand, do it in Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto like the NBA and MLB. At least that wouldn't be a travel nightmare and they at least have the CFL over there.

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I do not have a problem with games being played in London, as long as the Ravens are not involved. I think trying to expand the game overseas is a good idea. Football is an awesome sport and the rest of the world should experience it. Now, as for having a team overseas... NO WAY!!!! Way too much travel time, US players will feel too alienated in Europe having to live there, some will probably refuse to play on these teams. Let Europe set up their own leagues. I would actually encourage a Super Bowl in London. The game would truly be on the world stage, and get international attention. I think this would be a good idea. The site would truly be neutral, none of this Steelers getting home field advantage crap.


I agree with Outside, start in Canada. They have a growing college football system (a few players got drafted this year, Vaughn Martin for the Chargers is actually doing a very good job) and the interest for football is there. A team in Toronto would probably be very successful. That would be football weather.

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Guest BallTMore

I'm not watching because of the crappy match-up.


I will give the NFL credit, if they're trying to get the people of London to like the NFL they sent the right player. Tom Brady. He takes more dives than a footballer(Futbol). They love that wussy BS over there.

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I have been to a game in London and it was brilliant. I would love to see more football over here, but do I think there is room to make an expansion team in London, No.


I went to the Saints-Chargers game last season and had an amazing trip. It truely was a great occasion and something the NFL has to keep going. They sold out Wembley stadium, around a 90,000 capacity stadium so the interest is there. The problem is it was full of people not supporting the teams playing. As a Ravens fan I was there and for every Saints or Chargers jersey on display around the stadium there was 10 times the number of jerseys of other teams. This would be the problem of trying to start an expansion team in London. Everyone that has interest in the game already supports another team. Would they commit to going to watch an expansion team 8 times a season. Unless they have money growing on trees then no.


The problem is that only a fraction of the fans at the game actually came from London or within commutting distance of London, therefore the cost of travelling to London and staying there has to be factored in. A lot of people were travelling to the game from Europe. Hell the flights for me and my wife were £70 each (about $115). The tickets were $128 each. Then we had to pay for a hotel and so on. It quickly mounts up to 1 game a season max for me anyway.


Factor in that an expansion team or even 1 of the crappy teams that might choose to relocate to the UK and the interest level of watching a team get their asses handed to them week in week out might not help things.


In short, I like the 1 or 2 games a season in the UK and maybe hosting a superbowl once every 10 years would be amazing, but I wouldn't stretch it any further than that.

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First off, Goodell himself has already said that there will be no team expansion, that he is happy with the divisional alignment. A team would only be moved if there a current team was looking to move. And there's certainly no lack of those (Jaguars, Rams, Chargers, Vikings). He put London in the same boat as Los Angeles as far as getting a new team.


Secondly, (and related to Los Angeles) there won't be a team there for many years, at best. The plan is to gradually increase the number of games played there each year to see if they COULD support a team, as well as (and Goodell said this himself on Sunday) possibly bringing the same team back multiple times to establish a specific fan base.

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