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Week 3 Observations....


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Just a couple of observations of the Texans game and the season in general


1) Jimmy Smith took a step back(pun intended). Seemed a step off his assignment.


2) Oline is holding up well given they faced three tough defenses


3) Doss has been solid returning. I think when Jacoby comes back he should stick to just kickoffs.


4) Leach is a gamer and glad he came back


5) Clark had an ok game... Joe has to hit him between the numbers


6) Penalties.... Penalties... Penalties


7) Gino/Yanda did a great job


8) Playcalling seemed a little suspect.... 3rd and 1 and a run up the middle when they were stuffing the line already?

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#3. I agree

#4. I concur. The Texans thought they could be the bully but instead they kept hitting a brick wall. Leach was a battering ram all afternoon and the offense could not be bullied. The Ravens O was the more physical unit and while not looking pretty, they sure as hell took over in the 2nd half.

#6. Penalties have to stop. Was it 4 on special Teams? The offense had terrible field position in the 1st half and then long down and distances to travel. Then Bryant "Facemasks fascinate me, but not as much as that stripper last night" McKinnie.

If the Ravens hope to continue winning they have to seriously cut down on penalties. Turnovers and Penalties...win there and your odds of winning the game go up exponentially. Most teams beat themselves...like the Texans yesterday.

#7. Noticed the good game Gino had. He's developing...very hopeful....looks like he's feeding off Osemelee and Yanda....that can be one nasty group but they still have to start opening up the running lanes. It will come.

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