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Bribes to get you to buy seats


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Jaguars giving away free beer with ticket purchase

The Jaguars are hoping to prevent a blackout.

Hopefully, they aren’t creating any.

The team just announced on their official Twitter feed a ticket promotion which includes two free beers when you buy a seat to this week’s game against the Colts.


Jacksonville Jaguars @jaguars

2 free drinks for next 2 hrs w/ #INDvsJAX ticket purchase(starting @$45, 21+ for beer). #DrinksOnUs from @BudLight: http://bit.ly/1dJo6VG

For a stadium which hosts “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party,” (the great nickname for the Georgia-Florida game before a bunch of tight-pantsed administrators thought it was a bad look) two free beers sounds remarkably like breakfast for a lot of local tailgaters.

Maybe by the end of the season, they’ll buy a round of shots for every point they score.






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They should make Tagliaboob buy all the empty seats each year for giving them a team they can't and won't support over Baltimore....

So much for professional opinion, huh.....lol



Ravens Proud !!!!..............................Ohhhhh Cwapp ....



14271.jpg Maybe they could build a museum there!

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