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KO out!

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Shipley has been working out at G all week. He'll be ready this week...Another thing I read is that Castillo is being regulated to upstairs and Moeller will be coaching the line from the sidelines...could we see a new run game?

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“We’ll actually be better there with a healthier player,” Harbaugh said. “You want your guys at 100 percent, so A.Q. has played well, he’s played very well when he’s been in there. He’s a football player. He’s always played well whenever he’s played.”


I agree with Harbaugh. This could be an upgrade on the line.


Too bad for KO...he's a great player when he's 100%.

Back surgery is not a good thing. This will be very hard to overcome and play this game. I'm sure he'll have the best doctors working on this.

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Also read Flacco is going to call the blocking assignments not Gradkowski and to plan on seeing more of the shotgun this week as well as more 3 receiver sets and less of Vonta.



Yea...I caught all that and love hearing it.

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