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Yeah I think mang did want Richie to get into him but he went way tofar. Now Richie will be done in the league and lots of Dolphins FO people will be done too.

Martin should have gone to some team leaders and said Call Richie offor I end his career.


Reports are coming in that the situation was reported to the GM, and his reply was that Martin should punch Incognito.


It's a sad situation, but the reactions from some people are even more sad. Just the wrong messages being sent.

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I think they are circling the wagons around Richie so Martin had nobody covering his back. I don't care about tone. Joking about slapping his mother and killing him is not funny.



Oh man its getting worse, now they are throwing blame at Martin, say hes looking to make an easy buck with the law suit hes about to unleash..


This is going to get ugly

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Alleged victim’s silence suggests Incognito reached settlement

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the report from Local10.com that Richie Incognito allegedly harassed a volunteer at the Dolphins’ annual golf tournament in 2012 comes from the alleged victim’s refusal to comment on the matter.

Per the report, she can’t comment because she signed a confidentiality agreement.

That’s code, intentional or not, for a financial settlement of any legal claims she made or could have made against Incognito, who allegedly “used his golf club to touch her by rubbing it up against her vagina, then up her stomach then to her chest,” and then “lean[ed] up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing.”

There’s no other reason for the woman allegedly victimized by Incognito to sign a settlement agreement, unless of course she was the one who paid money to Incognito to settle claims arising from the contention that the claims she was making against him were false. (That’s highly unlikely, but still technically possible.)

And to those who wonder why this is only now being reported, it’s the Aaron Hernandez factor. Once a guy hits the radar screen as a villain, the media starts looking for other incidents that perhaps had been overlooked. In some cases, people who are aware of those incidents give the media a head’s up.

Regardless, there’s an effort to find Incognito’s skeletons because Incognito finds himself in the middle of what has become perhaps the biggest NFL scandals in recent years.

In light of the various NFL scandals that have occurred in recent years, that’s saying something.


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