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Ravens Biggest Key to Success


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Hensley thinks it's Flacco...



When gauging where the Baltimore Ravens stand in the Future Power Rankings, the key is undoubtedly -- and not surprisingly -- quarterback Joe Flacco.....

The Ravens will continue to lean more heavily on Flacco in future seasons. Ray Rice has shown signs of decline, and NFL running backs don't typically bounce back after the age of 27. There has been a similar dip with the Ravens' defense, which has finished the past two seasons outside the top 10.

Flacco has always been the Ravens' deciding factor since being the team's first-round pick in 2008. The Ravens are 35-6 (.853) when Flacco produces at least a 95 passer rating, and they are 36-32 (.529) when he doesn't. Beyond the numbers, Flacco has brought long-term stability to a position that had been a revolving door for the Ravens. In the nine seasons before Flacco's arrival, the Ravens went through 12 starting quarterbacks. That question mark always made it difficult to project the Ravens' future success. http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/11032/ravens-biggest-key-to-success



I agree to a point.

The Ravens seem headed back in the direction of a strong defense and Special Teams is solid. With that combo, Joe just has to be Joe and they make the playoffs every year. He has to play at a higher level to get to and win another SB....and he's shown that he can do that.



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I agree to a point but believe the o line is the biggest factor. Joe needs protection and a run game. If he has both, he will be effective. If not or only 1, he will have limited success.

Hit the nail on the head. Joe is best passing off play action and, like every other QB (even the Manning's and Brady's)' he needs a line that protects him.


Success will hinge more on RT and the running backs. Kubiak's schemes seem tailor made for the kind of offense Joe can be effective in. The only question is the O-line and running backs.

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Yep. Good O-Line = similar record to 2008 - 2012; Bad O-line = another 2013 season.

Here's hoping for Good to Outstanding O Line play in 2014 !!!!


I agree.That will be the most watched unit.

Kubiaks offense will not work without good O line play.

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