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Ravens get Boldin

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The Ravens made a bold move to improve their passing game, trading for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin.


It is believed the Ravens sent third- and fourth-round picks to the Cardinals in exchange for Boldin and a fifth-round pick. According to ESPN, Boldin has agreed to a new four-year, $28 million contract.



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Guest BallTMore

I was in the movie theaters when I got the text. Me and my sister high-fived in the seats. People probably thought we were really into the movie.

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Of all the options and possibilities on the market, I like this one the best.


"Anquan is a player who makes the tough catches and he is outstanding getting yards after catches," Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "He will also help the running game with his blocking skills. He's a very tough competitor and, with the way he plays with passion, he'll fit right in with the foundation we have for our team."



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Wide receiver Anquan Boldin after being traded to the Ravens:


"“I’m definitely excited. For me, I’ve been hoping for this for a year since I first heard that the Ravens might be interested in me. I even talked with Ray [Lewis] about it a year ago. I really look at this as a great opportunity for me. They love football in Baltimore. I know that from when the Cardinals played there a few years ago. That place was loud, very impressive by the fans. The Ravens play a certain way. They play as hard and as physical as any team in the league, and I want to add to that. I think I play the way they play.”


He added, "“I’m a piece of the puzzle for them. They have a great group of guys over there. They can run the ball behind a very good line with three running backs as good as anyone’s. The young quarterback, Joe Flacco, has already made his mark – two playoff teams in two years. That’s obviously pretty good. And, that defense… Everyone knows what they bring to every game. I’m just happy to be going to a team that has a lot going for it. I believe I can help them, maybe get them to another level. I think I’ll fit in with them. It’s going to be a lot of fun being a Raven.”


This is the bomb. Boldin is a burner who plays exactly like a Raven.

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Nice find faaaaq!


He'll definately bring a physical pressence.


"What do you think Mike?"



With Boldin, if he can stay healthy, and the addition of Daunte Stallworth, if he can return to form, the Ravens have become serious contenders. They should be able to win defensive games as well as shootouts.


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Flacco-to-Boldin Starts Saturday


Call it a coincidence, call it divine intervention, but Joe Flacco could be throwing his first pass to new Ravens wideout Anquan Boldin on Saturday.


The (now) teammates are both participating in a flag-football tournament in Arizona benefitting Kurt Warner’s foundation, First Things First, on Saturday.


“I don’t know if we’ll get some catch in,” Flacco said with a laugh Friday evening, just a few hours after the Ravens sent third- and fourth-round draft picks to the Cardinals for Boldin and a fifth. “Either way, it’s going to be pretty cool to meet the guy a day after we signed him.”


The typically-calm Flacco was noticeably excited about the latest addition to his receiving corps.


Boldin, a three-time Pro Bowler who recorded 84 catches for 1,024 yards and four touchdowns last year, immediately takes the mantle as the Ravens’ top receiver, a position Flacco was glad to fill.


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There's actually a question on The Sun's website asking if the Boldin trade is a good move for the Ravens. The choices are basically "Yes", "No", and "Solid, but we gave up too much." Whoever came up with that question should be fired.


I can see if we gave up a 1st (or even a 2nd) for him, but a 3rd and what is essentially trading down from our 4th is nowhere close to "too much". And "no" isn't even worth discussing.


So I've come up with a better question. One that I don't think I can even answer.


What would make you happier this year...


A) Anquan Boldin making the Pro Bowl as a Raven, OR


B) Ben Roethlisberger being exposed as a serial rapist.




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