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Predictions- who stays-who goes


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Tucker is a RFA but I'm nervous about him only getting a 2nd round tender. Hensley thinks it's a no-brainer but Tucker could be rock solid for the next 10-12 years. Some teams that have been weak at Kicker might want to end the insanity and offer him crazy money.The Ravens would have to match that....and they are tight to the CAP.




Before the start of the new league year (March 10), the Baltimore Ravens have to decide whether they want to tender their restricted free agents, and at what level.

A restricted free agent, who has three accrued seasons in the NFL, can receive one of three tenders: first round ($3.347 million), second round ($2.356 million) or the low tender ($1.542 million).

If a team signs a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, the Ravens have the right to match the deal or receive the designated draft pick from that team as compensation. The low tender awards a draft pick corresponding to the round in which the player was originally drafted. If the player originally went undrafted, the team receives no compensation if that low-tender RFA signs elsewhere and the team decides not to match it.

Here are my predictions for the Ravens' three RFAs ...


Tucker: This is a no-brainer. The Ravens can't give him a low tender, because another team would jump at the chance to sign the most accurate kicker in NFL history to an offer sheet. Tucker went undrafted, so the Ravens would get no compensation if another team signed him to a deal that the Ravens couldn't match because of their limited amount of cap space. A second-round tender is steep enough to discourage teams from going after Tucker. This tender is a bargain for the Ravens. Tucker will rank No. 9 among kickers in salary in 2015. http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/


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If someone steals him for a 2nd then I see that as a win. Kickers are not that important. It is easy enough to find a good one.

You're wrong there, Cundiff anyone? He definitely cost us a sb trophy

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Actually Cundiff now is pretty solid. I said then that he was young and might have to work through those growing pains.

Cundiff was 22 of 29 and won us our first matchup against the Browns by missing two field goals. I still wouldn't trust Cundiff in the playoffs regardless of what regular season he has. So much of being a kicker is mental. Tucker has ice running through his blood. Until Cundiff proves himself in the playoffs it doesn't matter how well he does in the regular season.


Regardless, Graham Gano and Steve Houschka have turned into good kickers sinceeaving Baltimore. Tucker has the chance to be our next Stover however.

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It's not just the incredible kicking skills Tucker has, it's his confidence, grit and swagger that he brings to the team.

That is very valuable.

Of equal value, when Tucker comes on the field to kick a FG, I can get a head start to the Men's room with no anxiety. :yeah:

Once I could do that, I knew they had found Stover's replacement.



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Justin Tucker ain't goin' nowhere. His accuracy can determine the outcome have at least 2-3 games a year. And Bisciotti wants playoff home games. Justin will get whatever he wants from the Ravens.

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Well I was wrong on Daniels. I only hope that I'm right about Forsett. As far as Tucker, Ravens should have signed him to a long term deal. To me, he's first round material. Last 4 games, he was responsible for 50 of the Ravens 88 points. What does that say about him?

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