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Matt Millen is an idiot again


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1. Matt Millen's apology.


While engaging in on-air banter regarding fried bologna sandwiches with ESPN colleague Ron Jaworski, former Lions G.M. Matt Millen said, "Ask any Polack from Buffalo how they like them, right Jaws?"


Within a half hour, Millen offered up a somewhat disjointed apology: "Earlier in the telecast of the draft, I made a humorous remark toward Ron Jaworski that could have been misconstrued to people of Polish descent, and I want to apologize because that has absolutely nothing to do. I've enjoyed a great relationship with Ron Jaworski, very playful over the years, and we jab each other back and forth and that has absolutely nothing to do with my comments toward Ron or anybody . . . of Polish descent. So I apologize. I meant nothing by it."


Frankly, we're not sure how Millen's specific use of "Polack" would be different than the placement of any other ethnic or racial slur if Jaworski had been, for example, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Muslim, African-American, or gay. A slur is a slur, and a speedy apology based on a flimsy explanation that the slur was used in jest doesn't change that.

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