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Top 20 Biggest Ravens Draft Busts


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Pretty good article by Joe...




I look at the team's 20 biggest draft busts.

In my view, "busts" are those players who proved to be so totally inept, they could barely perform at an NFL level when they actually did get the opportunity to play. If their career was hampered by off-field transgressions and constant injuries, that certainly didn't help.1. TEXAS LB SERGIO KINDLE (SECOND ROUND, 2010) 3. OHIO STATE QB TROY SMITH (FIFTH ROUND, 2007) 5. WASHINGTON STATE WR DEVARD DARLING (THIRD ROUND, 2004) :sing: http://www.pressboxonline.com/2015/04/20/ravens20-the-teams-20-biggest-draft-busts


Speaking of busts....


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The short story on Boller for me is it cost the Ravens a shot at another SB because they did not have a legit, playoff caliber QB.

This is a good read and walk down memory lane. I remember many of us seeing the potential in these players, pulling for them to get better, hoping the light bulb would go off....and then surrendering that it's not going to happen.

The Agony of being a fan. :)

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Yeah...I don't see how you can leave Boller off the list---he was a first round draft pick. Nice guy but didn't seem to 'get it'.

He can't be on the list, as much as i disliked the slug he still left us with a decent record.

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Defense left us with a decent record. Defense has and will always be the Ravens calling card.

I think of busts I think of Leaf, akili Smith, bozworth, I don't throw boller in with them boller made us cheer, then 5 minutes later he made us yell wtf.

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Interesting article but to list the last player drafted as a bust is a stretch. He wasn't expected to make the team as few few do and he was Art's pick. Art gave the drafting duties to Oz but wanted to make one pick for old times sake so it the Mr. Irrelevant.


There were also some 6th and seventh rounders. Not as many make teams from there as well.


Ozzie's second round has always been his worse round but he scored recent guys like Ray Rice and Torrey Smith and Jernigan last year so he's on a roll.


I'd list Swan Edwards as a big bust, the first player Ravens took after they gave up that #1 pick for Boller. NE got Vince Wilfork with that #1 pick. We get Swan who didn't even play til his last year and made some plays and left for Free agency.


I'd list Kruger the Beast as another big bust who did nothing every year til his last year and only 1/2 year after Suggs returned getting 9 sacks. He was used only in situations. Guys like to point to his sacks in the SB but had they left him in the entire game like he wanted he would have lost the game. They can run all over him and did.


Oher is another bust after showing some promise his rookie year he didn't do much afterward switching

to LF and finally back to RT. Fans like to blame that as a reason for his failures. Gruden blamed his

brain said he stands,there w/o a clue as to what to do like when TP crept up on him. That would have been time for one of his many fast start penalties but he wasn't smart enough to think of that.


He got beat bad on Joe's miracle high throw in Denver but Joe side steps the rusher and steps up in the pocket

to drill the ball for the winning TD.


We won the SB in spite of Oher and his giving up a sack during that game.


Ravens didn't even try to sign either one and they left and now Oher is out of football and blaming the book written

about him. Kruger was bitter about lack of playing time as a #2 draft pick but Ozzie said he had 4 HOFers around

him and still couldn't stay on the field the entire game as a #2 pick.

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