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The Great Turnover Drought


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I knew it was bad but not this bad...




Here's a look at how much time has passed since the Ravens' last turnover:

20 quarters and two overtime periods

62 drives by the opposition

332 snaps by the opposition

324 minutes, 58 seconds

The Ravens have taken the ball away four times in eight games, which puts them on pace for the fewest forced turnovers in NFL history. :scared: The players and coaches believe the lack of turnovers is a major reason they're 2-6, especially because the six defeats have been decided by a total of 30 points.

"If we’re getting turnovers, our record is dramatically different," John Harbaugh said. "Those games could have turned on one turnover." http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/23517/the-harbaughs-love-their-turnovers-and-stories-about-olive-jars


They just might make history.



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That means opposing offenses have a lot of time to complete passes. We're not getting anywhere near the pressure on opposing quarterbacks that we used to get. If they can find a way to step up the pressure then there would be more INT's. More problematic is why we aren't causing any fumbles either. That one has me mystified.

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It means no pressure from our front 7, and we made a huge mistake paying Jimmy & Webb



They are getting pressure with the front seven, with the defensive line, the issue is, these guys tire out and can't get the same, consistant pressure later in games. It was much the same last year, even with Suggs and Dumervil, both who disappeared in the 2n half of games and in entire games later in the season.


This team, for a few years now, has lost their wind late in games/late in seasons; conditioning.....

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