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Ravens will draft a stud CB if they want to


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They might have to draft the best LT in the game if KO leaves. He wants to

stay and Ozzie wants to sign him at LT.


The Ravens could opt for Treadwell, the WR from Mississippi. He would be there.


With Dallas and Clowns looking for QB with party boy beging to leave, that leaves

3 CBs for Ravens to get with the

6th pick. Bosa who will probably be 1st player drafted plus Treadwell, the top WR in the

draft, that leaves the 3 QBs from Florida State, Florida, Clemson on the board plus the

best WR in the draft.


Watch the Clemson game because he might be the guy.



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Alexander for Clemson is a stud. Only a RS Sophomore, but before the season he declared himself the best corner in college football. If he has a good game he leaves IMO.


Hargreaves had a great regular season (including shutting down Treadwell) but has struggled in the postseason (SEC Championship against Alabama and Citrus Bowl against Michigan). Yes, two games doesn't make a player. And Flordia's offense was terrible so the defense had a lot of pressure. However, if we draft him we will rely on him to cover the likes of Antonio Brown and AJ Green. And the Ravens offense is sure to go flat at times putting pressure on the defense.


Ramsey would be my first choice, the kid is a stud, playmaker and plays like a Raven. Trash talker, plays with a lot of swag. He will be long gone by 6 IMO. Even if a team drafts him to be a safety, he's that good. Treadwell is my second choice. As TS said in another thread, Treadwell excels in the redzone. We've struggled in the redzone. The TDs Treadwell would give us equate to wins. Think AJ Green last Sunday on the corner end zone catch. Not many receivers who can impact a game with a catch like that.

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I can see trading back 1 spot to #7 with 49'ers assuring #6 to them to draft a QB, thus obtaining another spot in later rounds.

Phil Savage when with the Clowns worked this on us when we wanted Ngata.

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I'm not a Hargreaves fan. Maybe if he's there in the 2nd round. He gets caught out of position freelancing, gets beat deep by the speed guys and self promotes way too much.


twilightzonewilltherealmartianpleasestan"Really....I can see Ozzie trading back to get 2 late 1st round picks. Keep your eye there."

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I can see trading back 1 spot to #7 with 49'ers assuring #6 to them to draft a QB, thus obtaining another spot in later rounds.

Phil Savage when with the Clowns worked this on us when we wanted Ngata.

They'd have to give up their second round pick for me to do that deal and I doubt they'll do that.

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Ditto on 2d. Ozzie won't trade down. He does that when there's nobody else on the

board he wants like in the Kindle draft. He hasn't drafted this high since he got

Jamal so he'll get another impact player this time too like a Ramsey or aTreadwell

or a Staley at LT if KO leaves.

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I can see trading back 1 spot to #7 with 49'ers assuring #6 to them to draft a QB, thus obtaining another spot in later rounds.

Phil Savage when with the Clowns worked this on us when we wanted Ngata.

That was just a case where Phil wanted something for trading down according to Byrne's

report on the matter years ago. Phil was on the board and Ravens were due up and Eagles

just below them. He knew they both wanted Ngata who turned out to be the best player in the

draft that year and won a SB for Ozzie and 5 straight play offs.


Phil didn't go by best available player as Oz does. He went for a need (and was out of football not long afterwards), a linebacker but knew he

was giving up the best player in the draft so he calls Ozzie and says how about a deal. I can draft

Ngata. Ozzie called his bluff and said just draft who you want to draft so Phil says oh come on Oz,

I'm doing you a favor. How about at least a 6th.


Byrne said Ozzie looks over a DeCosta who knods his head telling him it's a good deal with who's

on the board which was Budkey who went after Ngata to Eagles.


So Oz says OK. DeCosta also told that story to Nest 1 and said he was surprised Ozzie went

for it and said I gotta hand it to Phil. He got an extra pick out of it that Ozzie wouldn't have given

up but he wanted to squeeze Eagles out of Ngata and gets a SB ring.

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Here's an old article and Ozzie quote on trading when you're on the clock.

Mosley was the one the Ravens coveted but Mack was the best player there

that year and Ozzie wanted him bad. So did OAK drafting above him.


OAK stayed put and drafted him but not w/o entertaining and considering

offers from Ozzie. However, they coveted him too and kept the pick. Both

just lost out for DROY to Donald of the Rams with 11 sacks or so.


Ozzie merely says no matter where you are on the draft board, if there's someone

that can impact your team you go after him and try to make an offer. It worked for

Ngata but not Mack.


Ozzie said last year that there was nobody left in the first round after Perriman and

would have traded down. Kiper had Perrimen as #15 on is board and Ozzie had him #17

on his.


That's the way it was.


I wouldn't mind Treadwell and if Perriman comes back with Sr's return we can compete

vs Antonio and A.J.


But I'd love Ramsey.




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No because the QB won't be the best player on the board. One of the stud CBs

will be there as might Treadwell after Bosa and Ramsay are gone but the QB should

be gone to Dallas or Cleveland before that. That still leaves Treadwell and 2 of the

stud CBs. Ozzie would take the BPA then.


That said, a lot of fans want the QB from Memphis in the draft and off Joe. He's been

inconsistent since he got his SB ring and that huge salary and CAP hit. If he's the BAA I could

even see Oz drafting the guy from Memphis if he is there but won't be.


That said, in the Ravens first draft everyone wanted Lawrence Phillips the great RB

from Nebraska who was arrested during the season for beating up his girl friend.

Art wanted him too but Phil said do you want a guy who will wake you up in the

middle of the night to bail him out of jail or do you want a guy who will let you sleep

every night.


ILMAO at the Ravens first draft party at the Sheraton down town when everyone in the

room booed Ozzie for drafting JO instead of Phillips. I knew Oz was taking JO because

he was the best player in his entire draft like Ngata was and Joe was and Ray were like

so many others.


The rest is history but that said there was the C-MAC and Starks drafts where C- MAC

was a need and the BAA who fell because he stole a Credit Card but Oz took him

and he wins the SB right away. Randy MOss was on the board when Oz took Starks

but 20 teams let him drop because of baggage, yet Starks got Ozzie to the SB because

he needed a DB and he sealed the SB with the INT and TD icing the game.


Heap dropped because teams usually didn't draft a TE high in the first round. Ozzie

took him at the bottom of the first and won a lot of games with him. He also got

Hartwell and the big Guard in that draft, can't remember his name.


Joe and Rice were certainly the BAAs at their positions in their drafts in Ozzie's second

most greatest draft in NFL history. You remember all the maneuvering Oz did. Oz was #10

or 11 on the board that year. He wanted Joe bad but not that high so he drops to the bottom

were joe was supposed to go saving the owner millions. Then he hears that Gruden and the

Jets wanted Joe so he trades back up with his pal the Shack and just in front of Gruden to

grab Flacco. Gruden is pissed as hell and shortly out of football but Ozzie saved Bisciotti

a ton of money moving around so much on the board for the BPA of the entire draft.


That said, Ozzie

reached for Boller in his draft but came out with Suggs who was the best player and

one of the greatest OLBs in history. Remember the 13 second call Oz made to turn his

card in for Leftwich in that draft but didn't get it in by the deadline because Jags tied up

the phone and so they got Leftwich. Minn took too much time and were pissed as Jags

jumped in front for the QB. I asked Phil Savage at the barn with Nasty if Ozzie really

made that 13 sec call and he said yea. I was sitting next to him. I said why didn't he try

to deal earlier and Phil said because he knew he was either getting Leftwich or Suggs.

Bingo - the BAA - Suggs who turned out to be one of the greatest NFL players ever and

is still playing at a high level minus a torn achilles tendon. Suggs was the one Ozzie wanted

all along. He knew he was the best. I don't believe he made a call but then he reached for

Boller giving Bellicheat his 1st pick for the following year who turned out to be Wolfork who

hurt us a lot winning a lot of games for NE and don't bet the he wasn't the BAA for NE. He

would have been our #1 pick in 04. UGH


Suggs dropped because of a poor 4 time. Phil was at that workout at ASU and when his

time dropped, Phil called Ozzie and said Suggs just dropped to us because of the poor

40 time costing Suggs millions. Make no mistake about it, Ozzie wanted Suggs but also

needed a QB and tried to deal for Leftwich.



Speaking of the best available athlete theory, Tom Coughlin just stepped down in the

classiest way to get fired ever. Anyway, his demise was prompted for not taking the



Reese became the new GM after Ernie Acorsi retired as GM and built that Giant team

for Reese when he took over. Reese won 2 SBs with Acorsi's team. Acorsi is from Baltimore

and was the GM who gave Bellicheat's his first pro job when Acorsi was the GM of the Colts

back in the 80s. George Young built the Giants SB teams of the 80s and promoted someone

name Parcells as head coach when he fired Ray Perkins a former Baltimore Colt in SB 3

and Namath's primary target at Alabama.


So after Reese took over he went against drafting the BAA. Acorsi built those two SB winners

for him by taking the BAA. Acorsi said he got his Master's degree in the draft when he was an

assistant GM under Joe Thomas of the Colts.


Thomas who built Shula's great Dolphin teams before he got there and rebuilt the Colts with Bert

Jones and the Sack Pack left someone name Walter Peyton on the board and drafted an O-lineman

who was great but Peyton became the greatest runner in NFL history. Then Irsay traded the Elway

pick for another lineman but Acorsi said he learned from Petyon you always draft the BAA or BPA.

The Colts had a good RB so Thomas didn't think he needed another one. You never leave

the best player in history much less the draft on the board and everyone knew Peyton was great.


Enter Reese of NY after Acorsi retires. He goest to drafting need instead of the BAA. He took

Beckham with some of the other great defenders on the board. Now nobody complained but he's

the best WR in the game but NY needed defense and plenty of studs were there. Beckham didn't

win many games for NY. They only won 6 his first year because of all the holes on defense.

Before that they took an o-linemen instead of the BAA.


They've had several losing seasons since their SB trophy because Reese has gone from drafting

the BAA which is how Acorsi built those two SB teams as he learned from the Peyton

draft and Coughlin just lost his job.

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@PurpleReign: Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander hasn't allowed a TD pass in 23 games. He's played 26 games. #NFLDraft

I cannot wait for tomorrow night! Ridley gave Hargreaves fits. If Alexander can contain Ridley he will make himself a lot of money and might leapfrog Hargreaves. Ridley-Alexander is going to be one hell of a matchup. Anyone who wants to see a potential Raven, tune in to watch Alexander.

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Drafting Ahead Of San Francisco Could Make Big Difference

When the San Francisco 49ers ended their season with an overtime win over the St. Louis Rams, it propelled Baltimore one spot ahead of them in the 2016 NFL Draft.

It may not end up having a big effect on the draft, but Zrebiec sees a chance for big trades on Day 1.

“It’s early in the process, but there are two quarterbacks, Memphis’ Paxton Lynch and California’s Jared Goff, projected to go early in the first round,” Zrebiec wrote. “And among the teams picking in the top 10, the Cleveland Browns (second overall) and 49ers both need quarterbacks. So the teams drafting later in the first round that are also interested in a quarterback — say, the Houston Texans and St. Louis Rams — probably would need to get in front of the 49ers for a shot at Lynch or Goff.”

So there sits Ozzie Newsome.

He’s in perfect position to entertain potential trade proposals for quarterback-hungry teams that need to beat San Francisco to the punch.

If a top defensive back like Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey or Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves is available, then Zrebiec says Newsome would have a hard time moving back.

“But never underestimate the front office’s desire to stockpile picks,” he wrote.

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Ok, get this.


McShay's way to early mock has Ravens drafting Ramsey at 6th spot. I don't believe it myself but

that would be an exciting moment.


He has Bosa of course going to Tenn at #1 and Clowns taking the QB from Memphis at #2. That is

funny because they're already trying to trade party boy and nobody wants him despite showing some

talent and potential in 6 games but they've had him too long. So they get another QB which is why

this team always loses with all the coaches, QBs and GMs that have come and gone. I really feel

for Cleve fans.


McSay then has Dallas taking Goff for Romeo to groom.


Then two pass rushers are drafted leaving Ramsey for Ravens at #6. I don't believe it but I'll take

it. Even if it isn't Ramsey then one of the best pass rushers will be there and you know Ozzie, it will

be a pass rusher or DB unless he likes Treadwell and wants the WR monkey off his back like he

got the QB monkey off his back drafting Joe - his previously achilles heel which cost him a few more

SB rings.


Some yo yo site had Ravens getting Bosa. He had Tunsil the best LT in the game going #1.

No way or seldom does Fisher or anyone draft the best LT over the best pass rusher from the edge or

line @ #1. I want Ramsey over Bosa anyway after a report I read said that a lot of white fans

think of Bosa as the second coming of JJ WATTS, which he is not. He's not as big and powerful

and doesn't overwhelm anyone like Watts but is fast and more of a finesse guy. A good pass rusher

but no JJ.


Someone here last posted he didn't like Hargraves of Clemson and they lost to Alabama.

So put me in his camp. He'll definitely be there at #6.


McShay said he is the best pure cover guy in the draft but another report said he is better off

at Safety in NFL and was a 50-50 guy in stopping plays. He'll get over powered by the bigger

receivers like AJ Green and Clemson lost Mon.

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my quick 2 cents , i'm hoping we can get our hands on Noah Spence in the 2nd , a 3-4 OLB that played at Ohio state and was kicked out of the big ten and ended up at eastern kentucky i think. 6-3 261 a clone of Suggz with more speed.

Ramsey and Spence in the 2d sounds like a great draft. Suggs secret was his first step.

He was past his blocker by the first step. That is what separates the great rushers from

the rest of the crowd. You can't teach that.


It's God given talent.

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Tall and lanky is a weakness? Perrimen was tall over 6' and huge while Waller was 6'6. Brandon

Marshal is 6'4.


LOL - That's what Trestman loves -tall receivers and had Brandon in Chicago and the above 2 here,

so that size is what he wants and demands in a draft.


If this guy can run and box out like the report says

and doesn't drop the ball, he'll be a good one in the 2d round. He can also bulk up. A lot of receivers

are taken from the 3rd rounds on down like HIney Ward.


If Ramsey is gone I wouldn't mind Treadwell if Ozzie rates him that high but I'm sure it would be

one of the pass rushers.

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Walter Football has Ravens drafting Treadwell and saying the same thing I did that Ravens would

have the fastest two players in the last two drafts. Oz has never drafted 2 WRs back to back

but it makes sense given the state of the position and Treadwell would be the BPA there.


Bring back a healthy Perrimen and watch Joe go to work plus a bulked up Maxx.


This mock has Jags taking Ramsey but here's a report that a lot of teams including one that

drafts well don't like Ramsey at least, not in the first round.


And that's why it's still a thing yo yo's. The info keeps changing as players keep moving down and

up the board. Just saying - ya know?




Cowboys have already said they'd like a QB for Romeo to groom. That would be Goff or

the kid from Memphis St.



Florida State

image: http://walterfootball.com/college/FloridaState_logo.gif

Opinions are mixed on Jalen Ramsey. Some teams we've spoken to believe he's great and happens to be worthy of a top-10 pick. Others, not so much. In fact, one organization, which has drafted very well, has him as a second-round prospect.

I suspect Jerry Jones may want a Florida State corner, especially considering the team's glaring issues in the secondary. Ramsey would look great across from Orlando Scandrick.
Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2016.php#3HCPlWTo6YDWiSWE.99

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