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Very steep price to pay.


It's hard to believe that Harbaugh is so stupid....but he is.

That is more bothersome than the penalty.


Now....how do you tell players to obey the law and the rules and to be honest and thoughtful about their choices?


This years Training Camp Mantra....


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like to know which puss bitched to the Union to get the NFL involved.



I heard it was Ben Watson our new TE....he's the players rep.


Harbs isn't stupid, he knew what he was doing. He'd have gotten away with it since it was a rookie minicamp (what rookie would stand up to a HC) but Watson saw what was going on from the weight room.

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Where'd you hear that. I read he consulted with Watson to confirm.



They were joking about it on The Fan saying the castle has an open space design, and you can see the practice field from the windows in the gym. Basically Harbs is going to be taping the windows from now on.


Now I just read a Sun article that confirms what you said...so IDK


The team essentially self-reported the violation when tight end Benjamin Watson, the Ravens’ union representative, called the players association to check on whether rookies were allowed to wear pads during the minicamp.

By the time Watson got back to the team and informed Harbaugh that it was a CBA violation, the Ravens had already started practice with a punt protection drill and one-on-one offensive and defensive linemen drills.

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