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the STEELERS are the best


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That will be hard to do.


twilightzonewilltherealmartianpleasestan Let's see here...

Ravens sweep Stealers last year....check!

Ravens have one 4 out of the last 5 matchups....check!

Ravens have won 7 out of the last 10 matchups...check!




Last AFC North team to win an AFC Championship...Ravens!...check.

Last AFC North team to win a Super Bowl....Ravens!....check.



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Team to win the North the most, The team to win the most AFC championships, the team to win the most super bowls, the team with the most wins in the north or out. Oh and yeah the Steelers have a history of playing down to their competition so when the Ravens become relevant again we will see what happens. Oh and still the second longest streak in the NFL without a losing season. Question when the ravens finish 5-11 again this year does Harbaugh get fired?

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