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Ravens go 2-0 with 31-7 blow out in Miami

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There was a lot of good but this really stood out.....




Stats Don’t Show How Much Offense Struggled
With Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin and Danny Woodheadplaying for the first time, the Ravens hoped to see more from Ryan Mallettand the starting offense. By the end of the first half, the offense had put up 13 points and 163 yards -- decent numbers. But those numbers disguised the fact that the offense struggled for most of the half. The running game produced little and never found a rhythm. Mallett tossed two interceptions, although, in his defense, the inexperience of a rookie receiver contributed to both. The offensive line, a patchwork group featuring four players who began their careers as undrafted rookies, protected Mallett nicely but struggled to open holes for runners and was flagged for three holding penalties. The offense did move the ball better as the first half unfolded, and it did manage to push the ball into the end zone after a blocked punt gave it the ball at the Miami 4-yard line....http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/The-Breakdown-Eisenbergs-Five-Thoughts-vs-Miami-Dolphins/ecf29dc5-8e7c-44c7-b7d2-1ad3b919356d


The Max Williams sighting was nice. I forgot what he brings to the game.

It's clear to me that Woodrum should be the #1 back up. No turnovers and an 11 ypp. He reads the field, knows how to use the pocket, is poised, and makes plays. 2 weeks in a row.

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The footing was horrible, it was almost like he who found the best footing had a good day....


But Hurst has a great game I thought, at left tackle even. Urban continued to make plays, and the rest of the defensive line.


How could we not like what Hill was doing at cb, great find.


Williams showed why the front office and a lot of us here were so excited to get him in the draft and what he can do IF he stays healthy.


Jensen continues to struggle, blown off the ball, slow to react to pick up another defender... Oy...

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I have to agree with Max about the offense. There came a point in the 1st half yesterday where Miami had picked up 5 first downs to our 0. This thing with Flacco is starting to piss me off a little. How can we possibly expect him to come out sharp vs.(at) Cincy when he has had 0 snaps in the exhibition season. And again, we appear to be very good at depth. I agree with all here that Woodrum should start next week.

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