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Pats Get Branch


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I don't want to be the guy that says it, because I bet I'm going to have to eat my words next Monday, but Deion Branch? Come on. This guy does not scare me one bit. I think tight-end Aaron Hernandez is the mismatch to watch. The guy is a tight-end who runs like a receiver, can stretch the field, and gain some serious YAC. Brandon Tate is an interesting matchup with his speed as well.


Remember in the playoff game last year: Moss was essentially ineffective with his injury. That allowed us to really crunch down on Brady. The Pats will definitely be more prepared this time around, but they are not nearly as dangerous without Moss.

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He's still another toy for Brady. Plus, the Pats are a smart organization - Moss was a malcontent and Branch is a team guy.


In the grand scheme, probably not a huge deal for this single game.


The bottom line is we need to pound the rock (w/Rice) and pressure Brady all afternoon.

If we do that and dont get flagged for cissy roughing Brady penalties (Suggs), it should be a grind out tough game won by the team that makes the fewest mistakes (what else is new).



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139 yards and 3 TD's in 3 games for Moss as a Pat, Branch wont come close to that.



Number-wise, you are exactly right. Moss, though, hurt character and chemistry (shouting matches with Brady). Hard to quantify those intangibles, Crav, but cannot ignore them.


Whatever the case, only time will tell.

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