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Round 3

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I will put up his strengths because I have this feeling that others willgo all out at pointing out his weaknesses.


Massive frame combined with outstanding arm length make him a challenge to get around
Able to seal down blocks with his huge frame alone
Nasty finisher who is looking to intimidate and overwhelm the man across from him
Linebackers looking to take on his second level blocks can be engulfed
Hands are heavy in pass protection and in run game
Kick-slides gain impressive ground in setting out to edge rushers
Consistent with punch timing
Can completely derail a pass rusher's game plan with early jabs into his frame
Uses maximum arm extension most of the time
Will not be bull rushed
Good recovery blocker thanks to length and strength
Doesn't always look pretty, but can ride rushers past the pocket
Keeps his feet moving and alive in pass protection
Comes from NFL bloodline

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Andrews....another playmaker with good hands...sorta Gronk Jr.



Andrews finished his career as the nation's top tight end, winning the John Mackey Award and earning first-team All-American and All-Big 12 accolades. He started all 14 games, becoming Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield's top target with 62 receptions for 958 yards and eight touchdowns...

Took on additional workload this year and produced at a high level
:bow: Red-zone rainmaker with a touchdown in every five catches
Crafty in adjusting routes
Not overly sudden or quick, but finds ways to uncover
Uses body to leverage positioning at the top of the route
Can mismatch defensive backs with his frame
Has shown ability to handle complex routes
Plays with consistent pace through route breaks to optimize separation in tight spaces
Has learned to catch defenders on his hip and keep them there through the catch
A quarterback's friend with ability to drop and save the low throw as well as secure contested catches in traffic
Has footwork and athleticism to make tacklers miss
Averaged 15.8 yards per catch for his career

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My head is spinning trying to figure out how many picks the Ravens have and where they pick'

This should help: From Ravens website:

Baltimore's now has nine picks remaining:

Third round: No. 83
Third round: No. 86
Fourth round: No. 118
Fourth round: No. 122
Fourth round: No. 132
Fifth round: No. 152
Sixth round: No. 190
Sixth round: No. 212
Seventh round: No. 238

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I've seen a lot of the two they chose to draft, they are good but not game changing. Neither blocks very well and they are not mismatched when in pass coverage.


Good hands, yes, hard workers, yes, but they have that already on the team in Boyle and Williams. Granted, one can't stay healthy the other off of peds, and both have contracts ending.


But again, value was not there and especially with the 2nd tight end, it makes no sense when center is needed...


Hey, I hope I am wrong and these guys turn out great. I just think we are looking at Dan Cody, Trent Smith, Mark Clayton, Devard Darling, you know, great pre draft write ups, who turned out to be busts...

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I just think we are looking at Dan Cody, Trent Smith, Mark Clayton, Devard Darling, you know, great pre draft write ups, who turned out to be busts...


And I can say that about every teams total picks in this years draft. And most of it would be true because when reality slaps these guys in the face, when they take the field in the NFL, it will be what we can't see.....their inner strength, drive, tenacity and football IQ that will or will not be there.

You look for Bart Scott's....and you can't identify them in such a large crowd as all the players in this draft. But you look for the "Football Player". He may not have the size or speed but there just might be a "Doug Fluttie/Drew Brees" lurking inside.

The Ravens want that guy.

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I've watched every one of his games, even mentioned him to crav on here how cool it would be for him to play with this team, IF....


That was his sophmore year and I hoped he would start getting stronger and have better foot work and hand placement.


To this date, he was the same player as he was back then; lazy.


Maybe he gets hia act together and learns the skills he needs, this team needs, but I don't expect it..

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