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Ravens reportedly open to trading Hayden Hurst; here are five potential landing spots

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Green Bay Packers

It's a safe bet they're going to cut ties with Jimmy Graham, so they'll be in the market for a TE. They're also just one year removed from striking gold on another former Raven in Za'Darius Smith. From Baltimore's perspective, they'd be able to ship Hurst out of the conference. And Green Bay is loaded with 2020 draft picks.

Jacksonville Jaguars

There's a reason Frennette reported the Jags are exploring a deal for Hurst. Their top two TEs right now are Geoff Swaim and James O'Shaughnessy. Jacksonville, of course, is also strapped for cash, but they've got some salary-saving moves on the way, and they'll want to ensure whomever is under center -- likely Gardner Minshew -- has more weapons.

New England Patriots

They've been screaming for TE help ever since Rob Gronkowski retired, and you just know Bill Belichick would love Hurst's versatility. The only downside here is that the Ravens aren't going to want to aid New England in any way. The only way this one would work is if the Patriots blatantly and openly overpaid with an early draft pick.

Tennessee Titans

Again, trading within the conference wouldn't be ideal for Baltimore, but the Titans haven't been averse to trades with other AFC teams in years past. And they could be on the lookout for younger TE help with Delanie Walker about to enter his age-36 season with a high salary cap hit. Adding another middle-of-the-field target would help the whole offense.


Washington Redskins

Jordan Reed is out after an injury-plagued close to his D.C. career, and Ron Rivera will be looking to bolster the supporting cast of young QB Dwayne Haskins. He also long relied on the TE in Carolina, where Greg Olsen was often featured as one of Cam Newton's top targets. Another bonus: A deal here would, again, allow Baltimore to move Hurst to the NFC.

If they can get a bidding war on him take it.  I 1st and a 3rd is appropriate.

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No way they get a 1st for him unless they also trade picks with him. They might get a low a mid to low 2nd if they are lucky.

He struggles against man, isn't very quick in nor out of his routes even for a tightend. He was a reach when they drafted him in the first, at best he was a 3rd rounder, but getting Andrews in the 3rd helped make it all right.

I doubt many teams are very interested,  but Green Bay would be a good fit. Graham has not good since New Orleans, but then he also has not been able to stay healthy.

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There should be a good market for him.

It's very clear now what a boost and advantage having a play making TE can bring to an offense. Hurst is one of those. He's very fast, blocks well in this special Ravens offense and is versatile. He has fantastic hands and break away speed.

I don't want to lose him. If Andrews or Boyle go down then so does this offense. The Ravens shouldn't settle for anything less than a first round pick.

The only problem he has is that Lamar doesn't target him. His numbers would be impressive.

On this play he ran faster than any Ravens player had been clocked in game action....


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They won't trade him. The Ravens want to get to and win the Super Bowl this year. 3 TE's....3 very good TE's ....are a huge part of the success of this offense.

What if Andrews goes down?


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