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A Class Act

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I'm sure everybody knows about Yanda's retirement today. What a class act though and what a professional. Just read today that between 2007 to the end of his career, Yanda allowed only 20 sacks and 3 were in his first season at tackle!

He'll definitely be missed. And now it's time to start planning another addition to our O-line. Powers filled in very well last year but we could still use some more depth if nothing else.

As a retirement gift, he left us with $7 million in additional cap space.

Thanks for the great memories, Marshall!



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It's hard to see the end of an era. Marshal represents what it means to me to "Play Like A Raven"....to be "A Raven." Finding players like him are rare.

So...a new era begins.

I think Lamar's overwhelming passion to win will take hold of this team and keep the Raven Fire burning

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I just read this (from Eisenberg)...

"One more thought on Yanda: I blinked when he said he'd undergone eight surgeries in 13 years. That means more months of rehab than he'd cared to count. Fans and media take for granted that players who suffer injuries will return. But the work involved should never be taken for granted."

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Wow! A transformation like Burk.

Good to see....he's getting healthy instead of fat and out of shape....oh! And he's financially set. A success story all the way.

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