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Here's how good Eric and the Ravens Coaches are.


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Just listened to Jason LaCafora on the radio and he noted that over the last 4 weeks the Ravens averaged an astounding 233 yards rushing per game. 6.4 ypc.

Simply amazing. Astounding, when you consider the totally new make up of the O line this year.  No Yanda and Stanley. No Boyle. Tomlinson at TE? Skira and Mekari rotating in and out. Brown at LT. Fluker at RT. Bozeman, Powers and Phillips! It's a whole new road grading unit from the one that set records last year.

Greg Roman is in a zone. He's found the sweet spot and has settled into a winning formula.  Joe D'Alessandris or Joe D has worked miracles with this line. Richard Angulo is the assistant line coach and deserves praise too. This line could be a mess without the excellent coaching they have been fortunate to receive.

Just Remember, Together they had a huge hand in making this happen last year:


Led by 2019 NFL MVP QB Lamar Jackson, the Ravens ranked No. 1 in points (33.2) and rushing yards (206.0) per game, while they finished No. 2 in total yards (407.6). The Ravens set a new NFL single-season rushing record (3,296), besting the 1978 Patriots (3,165). Baltimore became the first team ever to average 200 passing and 200 rushing yards per game in a season. The 2019 Ravens also set season team records for TDs (64), points (531), net yards (6,521), rushing yards (3,296), first downs (386) and fewest turnovers (15). Jackson accounted for a league-high 43 total TDs, including an NFL-best (and franchise-record) 36 passing scores. Jackson also rushed for 1,206 yards (sixth most in the league), setting a new NFL single-season record by a QB.

And they have it happening again with a whole new cast of characters. :gorave:

Who saw this coming? They are executing. They are road grading and playing at a high level and also doing a great job protecting Lamar.

Now, for the last month or so, like most Ravens fans, I have been struggling to identify who the Ravens have playing on the field. With 23 players missing due to Covid, so many players on IR and then the usual injury report, my head has been spinning trying to figure out how the Ravens have been staying close and competitive in their losses and then dominant in this latest four-game winning streak.
Fortunately, our good friend Mike Preston, OIP.nY-AcpDoJvDNYARDNpYhSQHaEK?w=313&h=1 did our homework for us in the following excellent article:


In the team’s brief 25-year history in Baltimore, no class has had more immediate impact than the 10 rookies the Ravens selected in late April....but so far this season, the rookie class has contributed two starters on offense in running back J.K. Dobbins (second round) and offensive guard Tyre Phillips (third), two as return specialists in Devin Duvernay (third) and James Proche (sixth), and two on defense in linebackers Patrick Queen (first) and Malik Harrison (third). Rookies Justin Madubuike (third) and Broderick Washington (fifth) rotate regularly on the defensive line while Madubuike might end up being the best player in the class. Yes, Madubuike could become beast-like.

2018 was better than the previous years with tight ends Hayden Hurst, Mark Andrews, offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. and quarterback Lamar Jackson. They have found their running backs of the future in Dobbins (110 carries, 568 yards) and third-year player Gus Edwards (117, 578). With Phillips at right guard or tackle, the Ravens have a relatively young offensive line for the future in tackles Ronnie Stanley and Brown; guards Bradley Bozeman and Ben Powers; and center Patrick Mekari. 

As for special teams, the Ravens didn’t have any top return specialists heading into August training camp, but Duvernay have stepped in capably. Duvernay is averaging 28.4 yards a kickoff return and returned one 93 yards for a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. Proche is sure-handed, steady and averaging 8.6 yards on 23 punt returns, but the Ravens could use more from him if they make it into the postseason. At least for now, both are dependable, and the Ravens haven’t had to use any starters at those positions...Mike Preston: Ravens rookies setting good tone for playoff push and beyond | COMMENTARY - Baltimore Sun

What did you think about the O lines performance Mike?


The Ravens were dominant in run blocking and pass protection. Jackson had plenty of time to throw and was hardly pressured in the pocket. Right tackle D.J. Fluker and tight end Eric Tomlinson were strong at the point of attack and sealing the perimeter. Left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. and left guard Bradley Bozeman did a good job pulling and clearing the way around the right corner the entire game. Center Matt Skura, filling in for injured starter Patrick Mekari, had trouble with several snaps in the shotgun formation. Grade: A...Mike Preston’s report card: Position-by-position grades for Ravens’ 27-13 win over Giants | COMMENTARY - Baltimore Sun

Wink and his staff have done wonders. We know the rush defense suffers without Williams and Campbell. Then, the strength of the defense, the secondary gets wiped out. Guys that I never heard of are covering receivers and new names are admirably filling roles. Madabuke, Ward, and Wolfe are filling in very well. Wolf has simply taken over leadership and played like a monster. Ngakoue, Board.....these are not the standard house hold names yet they are making a strong case to be a part of the family.

And now, let's take a moment of silence for the Architect ,:bow:  Eric DeCosta....:gorave: He is the story behind the story. He consistently finds "RAVENS" in the draft, free agency, off the street, and in Greyhound bus stations.

This year because of Covid, there were no OTA's, a Band-Aid of a preseason and a short window of time for new players to learn their roles and step up to play like a Raven. A ton of injuries that would ruin most teams were overcome.

Where would the Ravens be without Eric and this excellent Ravens coaching staff?


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1 hour ago, papasmurfbell said:

I notice a big omission there.

Let's not fail to mention John Harbaugh for his incredible expertise to find and hire these coaches. He's finds great talent where the rest of the NFL world can't, and thus the league continues to raid the Ravens for coaches. He was a big part of drafting Lamar and building a offense around him. He and Greg brought the running game back to the dink and dunk NFL, revolutionized the position of QB (because they had Jackson) and opened the door for any athletic QB to add the run option to his repertoire. Today, in just 2 and 1/2 short years, we are seeing more QB's than ever before run with the ball as viable offensive plays. The game has changed and defenses are losing sleep.

let's all take a moment of silence, in gratitude as we read about the Ravens accomplishments under this great HC:


Though he never wants it to be about him, it's impossible to ignore Harbaugh's measurable success.

Here's a look, entering the 2020 campaign:

• Since his 2008 Baltimore arrival, the Ravens have posted the NFL's fourth-most total victories (128, tied with NO).

• The Ravens are one of only four teams (NE – 11; GB – 9; Bal. – 8 & Sea. – 😎 to earn at least eight postseason berths in the last 12 years. (Baltimore won at least one game in six of those eight playoff campaigns.)

• The Ravens' 10 playoff wins since 2008 tie (GB & Sea.) as the NFL's second most (New England, 16). Of those Ravens' victories, an NFL-best seven have come on the road.

• Harbaugh ties (Pete Carroll, Mike McCarthy, Bill Parcells, Andy Reid, George Seifert, Don Shula & Bill Walsh) for the fourth-most playoff victories (10) in a coach's first 12 seasons. (Joe Gibbs is first with 16, followed by Chuck Noll, 14, and Bill Belichick, 13.)

• The 2012 Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, 34-31, over the San Francisco 49ers in one of the most dramatic games in NFL history. Baltimore jumped to a 28-6 lead, but needed a critical goal-line stand late in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory. The Ravens overcame a furious second-half comeback and a 34-minute power outage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans to clinch the franchise's second World Championship.

• Under Harbaugh's guidance, the Ravens have appeared in three AFC Championship games (2008, 2011, 2012) and have won at least one playoff game in six of their eight postseasons with him as head coach.

• Harbaugh has led the Ravens to 118 regular season wins since 2008, ranking as the NFL's fifth most.

• Harbaugh, Tom Landry (Dallas) and Tom Coughlin (Jaguars/Giants) own the most road playoff wins (7) by a head coach in NFL history.

• Harbaugh is the only head coach in NFL history (since 1970 merger) to win a playoff game in each of his first four and five seasons. He is also the only head coach in NFL history to win a playoff game six of the first seven seasons of a coaching career.

• John and his younger brother, Jim (2011, 2012 and 2013), the former 49ers' head coach, are the only NFL head coaches to reach three conference championships in the first five seasons of a coaching career.

• With Harbaugh, the Ravens have a 72-24 mark at M&T Bank Stadium over the past 12 seasons, tying (GB) as the NFL's second-best home record during that span (2008-19).

• In 2019, the Ravens posted a franchise-best 14-2 record. Baltimore won a team-record 12-straight games to close out the regular season, also earning the franchise's first-ever No. 1 playoff seed.

• Coach Harbaugh has led the Ravens to four AFC North Division titles (2011-12, 2018-19).

Maintaining a strong defensive tradition during his time in Baltimore (2008-19), Harbaugh's defense has allowed the NFL's fewest touchdowns (384), fewest points per game (18.9) and the second-fewest net yards per game (314.2). In 2018, Baltimore was the No. 1 defense (292.9 ypg) and the No. 2 scoring defense (17.9 ppg). The Ravens finished four-straight seasons (2008-11) as the NFL's No. 3 scoring defense (fewest points allowed) – tying an NFL record for consecutive seasons ranking in the Top 3. Additionally, from 2014-16, Baltimore's defense was one of three teams (Den. & Sea.) to rank in the NFL's Top 10 in yards allowed each season. Harbaugh's red zone defense has also finished in the Top 5 in seven of his 12 seasons, including first overall in 2011 and second in 2014, 2012 and 2008..........John Harbaugh (baltimoreravens.com)



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When this team wins games against teams with winning records, then maybe we can look at the great job the cosches are doing. Remember, this team rushed for well over 200 yards and STILL LOST! Why? The same issues this team has every game, win or lose; and lose more times agaisnt giod teams too boot; turnovers, presnap penalties, undisciplined play.

So how good are the coaches if the players make the same mistakes? How good are the people who chose the players if they are uncoachable in that they keep making the same mistakes?


Oh crap, I am being a debbie downer, or in today's world, a "karen"... By talking about what ultimately has kept this team from winning real games.

I know, 14-2 last year, possibly-likely, 11-5 this year, what could any "real fan" have to complain about..... & you would be right, & wrong at the same time, just as I am....

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2 hours ago, tsylvester said:

So how good are the coaches if the players make the same mistakes? How good are the people who chose the players if they are uncoachable in that they keep making the same mistakes?

I know, 14-2 last year, possibly-likely, 11-5 this year, what could any "real fan" have to complain about.

Answer: Nothing. This is the age of Parity and watered down rosters. Free agency and large roster turn overs. This makes Eric's and the coaching staff's achievements all that more significant.

14-2...11-5. Damn good. Especially considering Covid, injuries and IR. The depth of this team came through. Eric got them. The coaches coached them. Shit...they are about to have the highest winning points differential 2 years in a row. Something that no team has done. That's a team stat.

This post is basically about the team that has been assembled over the last 3 years.  They have around 17-18 wins against teams with winning records since Lamar started. Excellent.

If it's Harbaugh who you are after, please read his bio in this post. He's defeated a ton of playoff caliber teams. 

I'll give you this: I agree, we really don't know how well they will perform in the playoffs (if that's where you are going). The competition ratchets up a notch yet no team strikes me as unbeatable, dominant and far superior to the Ravens.  

As for this 2020 team, who are on their way to 11-5 and the playoffs if they win Sunday....well, we'll see how they do in the playoffs. Perhaps Harbaugh will build on his playoff legacy over the next few years. 

Anyway you look at it, currently there are few coaches who can rival Harbaughs success. You have got to be kidding me if you want to risk years of trying to find a new HC who can do as good or better than him. Simply look at the astounding number of failures of HC around the league over this same time period. Or do you know of some guy who is available who will fix what you are concerned about?

Did you ever hear "Be careful what you pray for?" You have. Think about it.


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My apologies if I lead you to think I was talking about replacing Harbs or Eric. Every coach, every team has their deficiencies. No team hits a homerun with every player drafted. This org has done better than most, no doubt. My sil & I were just talking about this over the Christmas dinner, he is a Redslurs fan (but is coming closer to changing teams 😀 )


Think back to the Bills, 4 straight Super Bowls, four straight loses. But those were great coaches, great players chosen by great front offices, so great teams even though they "failed".

This is a great organization, a great team. As I have said numerous times, of the five loses this year, even add the three games they kost last year counting the playoff loss, they were only really beat twice. The other loses were them beating them selves with costly penalties, undisciplined play, unforced turnovers from trying to do too much.

As a fan, I could not be happier with this org, I see the great plays, the potential for a few years of top play.

But I still find the need to say, wait, just a little more attention to detail, clock management, play design/calls at certain times, better decisions being made, we could have a Super Bowl team for a few years.

Shoot, if we had a true number one receiver, how would he alone open the middle of the field, even help Lamar run wild more?

But for some reason this team just can't draft one...

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Ok...I understand now. We're real good.  On the same page. :gorave:

And by "fail" you are talking about winning the Super Bowl. Those were great Bills teams. Looks like they finally have another one.

The only Ravens weakness that I see is that if they get down 10-14 points, then, can they come back? The Bills and KC will put up points. I think the Ravens are in a better position to mount comebacks this year than last. They recently out dueled the Browns.

Defense....I think that's where the Ravens hold the edge. If they can be healthy throughout the playoffs. With all their starters, they can stop the run and put the clamps down on the passing attacks. I think that for the Ravens this year, it will take defense to win a championship. 

This developing AFC playoff field is evenly matched.

Penalties and turn overs will be critical in every game. Winning field position. Scoring touchdowns in the red zone rather than FG's. Health and of course luck. Luck or good fortune comes into play at some point for every SB Champion.


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2 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

And penalties are what the Ravens specialize at.

That's definitely a problem.  If they can clean that up, play focused and disciplined then it would make a huge difference. Penalties will kill them in the playoffs. All teams are too equal.

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Some do, they can line up properly and avoid those big play illegal formation ones. They can get the plays in faster, players in the huddle, to get the delay of game penalties stopped.

Those are the biggest issues, sure, a holding call is 10 yards while the aforementioned ones are "only five". But holds happen all the time, sometimes they are unavoidable, even a defender can make it appear they are held.

So just knock out the penalties they really can control and a 15 + yard gain will change the game instead of a five yard illegal formation one deflating a drive.

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