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On to the draft

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Yes, currently at 8-8, 4 loses by total of 5 pts, 5 loses by a total of 11 pts! This with all of the injuries, illness, missing their former mvp type qb for 4 games. That is how close to being very good this team was in a down year as fsr as quallity of play in the NFL.

So now, it is draft attention. The Ravens have obvious needs; offensive tackle, middle backer, edge rusher, safety, defensive tackle.

They get little pressure on the pocket, even when they do, it has turned out to lead to big plays against the beat up secondary. Houston has been a bad signing, the few plays he made never came when they needed them most. He was often stoned at the line of scrimmage, rarely held up against the run. In short, a big miss by Decosta, hopefully Owe, who showed promise early, can be an upgrade next year.

Frankly, it's too early to jusge the under sized Owe, so there is some hope there but they need to land on a true pass rusher who can also hold an edge.

The line has been an issue for, ever. Stanley is a huge question mark at left tackle, will he be healthy, can he stay healthy, will he be worth his contract? We just don't know. Even IF the answers are yes, they need a right tackle, they gambled and paid Merkari to be an expensive back multi position player, almost right tackle money, so is he who they want there next year? If so, he has to get much, much better all around. How they view him will be key to draft.

Middle backer, Queen has been a bust from the stand point of his draft; he was drafted high to be the Mike backer, but he clearly cannot play there. He has been better as a weak side backer, even then he has games where he disappears, can't get off blocks, can't cover, gets lost in zone coverage. Bynes and Board have been decent fill ins, but neither is a long term answer at middle backer. The Ravens should be in position, 15-17, to be able to land the best middle backer in the draft, the best one in a number of drafts to be honest. Dean from UGA, he has speed, size, power, instincts, yes he can actually run sideline to sideline and make a play shortly after it starts.

This draft isn't loaded with all time talent, but it does have a few players at positions the Ravens have needs. Thankfully wide out is not on the list this year, but given the cap situation and Lamar needing a huge deal to keep him, Eric and company need to really hit on their draft picks. They have a ton, 10, 9 in the first four rounds. Don't use them all, use them wisely.

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7 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

But an I moved to the draft weeks ago.  I think they have to draft a lt.   I would not bank on Stanley.  

Yep they have to do this. There is no telling if he'll be back and even if he is he hasn't really played in 2 years. If he does come back and we draft a stud LT, move Stanley to RT.

I'd put edge rusher(s) and Tsyl's middle backer way up the list too.

I admit, at this point I don't know what to do about Lamar. My gut says pay him.

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You just can't pay him.  He is a gigantic risk.  Look at franchises that paid guys and it blew up in their faces.  Those guys had fewer warning flags than Lamar does.  I really wish they had traded him before the season.  He had to be worth more than Stafford.  


This is the need in order of most need to least.  I think they may need s center.  I have a feeling Bozeman walks.  And seeing his backup today gave me 0 confidence.  


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Yeah Colon has been a disappointment, Bozeman did not look happy sitting on the bench. He is a decent center, and they have plenty of plug & play guys to play center. It is certainly a position that could be of need if the right guy falls to them.

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Nice post tsyl. It's a good beginning. 

WOW! They have so many positions of need! ageing players. Injured players. Free agents they could lose. It would be great if we can make a list. 

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4 hours ago, tsylvester said:

Don't know how accurate this is, but...


It's close. Can't talk draft without solving the FA riddle. We won't know the holes and weaknesses. 

2022 NFL Free Agents and Free Agency (overthecap.com)

Player Pos. 2021 Team 2022 Team Type Snaps Age Current APY Guarantees
Calais Campbell IDL Ravens   UFA 55.3% 36 $8,000,000 $8,000,000
Brandon Williams IDL Ravens   UFA 40.8% 33 $6,000,000 $6,000,000
Sammy Watkins WR Ravens   UFA 37.3% 29 $5,000,000 $5,000,000
Patrick Ricard IDL Ravens   UFA 0.0% 28 $3,650,000 $5,300,000
Jimmy Smith CB Ravens   UFA 21.5% 34 $2,500,000 $2,500,000
Justin Houston EDGE Ravens   UFA 48.3% 33 $2,075,000 $2,075,000
Chris Board LB Ravens   UFA 31.4% 27 $1,683,000 $1,683,000
L.J. Fort LB Ravens   UFA 0.0% 32 $1,127,500 $987,500
Justin Ellis IDL Ravens   UFA 35.8% 32 $1,075,000 $0
Josh Bynes LB Ravens   UFA 48.8% 33 $1,075,000 $0
Devonta Freeman RB Ravens   UFA 42.8% 30 $1,075,000 $0
Josh Johnson QB Ravens   UFA 11.6% 36 $1,075,000 $0
Latavius Murray RB Ravens   UFA 28.9% 32 $1,075,000 $0
Pernell McPhee EDGE Ravens   UFA 19.1% 34 $1,075,000 $312,500
Anthony Levine S Ravens   UFA 3.1% 35 $1,075,000 $0
David Sharpe LT Ravens   UFA 4.8% 27 $990,000 $0
Eric Tomlinson TE Ravens   UFA 24.1% 30 $990,000 $0
Kevon Seymour CB Ravens   UFA 19.2% 29 $850,000 $0
Anthony Averett CB Ravens   UFA 79.8% 28 $780,250 $661,000
Kristian Welch LT Ravens   ERFA 0.0% 24 $780,000 $0
Trystan Colon-Castillo C Ravens   ERFA 0.0% 24 $780,000 $0
Khalil Dorsey CB Ravens   ERFA 0.0% 24 $780,000 $0
Tyler Huntley QB Ravens   ERFA 25.8% 24 $780,000 $0
Geno Stone S Ravens   ERFA 17.8% 23 $780,000 $0
Nick Moore LS Ravens   ERFA 29.6% 30 $660,000 $0
Ty Williams RB Ravens   ERFA 13.3% 26 $660,000 $0
Chris Westry CB Ravens   RFA 15.6% 25 $660,000 $0
Aaron Crawford IDL Ravens   ERFA 0.0% 25 $660,000 $0
DeShon Elliott S Ravens   UFA 30.1% 25 $654,450 $157,800
Bradley Bozeman C Ravens   UFA 90.2% 28 $644,602 $118,408
Otaro Alaka LB Ravens   RFA 0.0% 26 $588,333 $50,000
Patrick Mekari LT Ravens   RFA 60.1% 25 $587,667 $58,000
Brandon Knight LG Ravens   ERFA 0.3% 25 $586,667 $55,000
Kevin Toliver II CB Ravens   SFA 0.0% 27 $252,000 $0
Nate McCrary RB Ravens   SFA 0.2% 23 $165,600 $0
Jaylon Moore LT Ravens   SFA 14.2% 24 $165,600 $0
Jake Verity K Ravens   SFA 0.0% 25 $165,600 $0
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Man, there's a lot of guys there we should let go! Among them I see Williams, Watkins, J. Smith, Houston, Board, Ellis, Bynes, Johnson, McPhee, Levine, Welch, Ty Williams.

The key to retooling this team is going to come down to how big a salary we want to offer Lamar or if we should trade him and then who the hell replaces him?

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