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Interesting listening material on Lamar

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Disagree. You let Lamar play next year on his 5th year option, if he grows, plays better than he did this year, shows real improvement from the qb position, ie- reading and throwing, then you swallow hard and sign him long term.

We've see how good this team can be if it had a qb who could make plays from the pocket, or on the run, mostly on time. This team would be 11 wins this year and rolling.

If not, then you tag & trade next offseason. They have the weapons on offense, the line is coming along and with keeping the right, HEALTHY, people on defense, this is an 11 win team with the right quarterback. So let next year decide, you've nothing to lose. They don't draft high enough to get a top rated qb in the draft even then, I am not sure there is one in this draft.

Getting Wilson or Rogers is a pipe dream and only holding off the inevitable, not too mention, cap costly..

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Fox reporters are conflicted.................

Fox Sports' Marcellus Wiley said Jackson proved just how valuable he is this season not only by what he did when he played, but also how the team fared while he was injured. The Ravens won just one of five games Jackson didn't start.

"You can't look at Lamar Jackson and look at him any other way except: 'How do we keep you? How do we make you happy? And how do we retain you at top dollar?" Wiley said on "Speak For Yourself."

Wiley compared Jackson's situation to that of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. After Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week 5 in 2020, the Cowboys' offense struggled. This past offseason, Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million contract extension.

"[Jackson] proved his value to the Ravens even more so than Dak Prescott proved his value in injury last year to the Cowboys," Wiley said. "When Dak went down, the first thing we all were thinking was, 'Damn, look how much money went down with him.' Then we come to realize that actually the price tag went up because you saw them sputter without Dak Prescott. "Has Dak Prescott ever won MVP? Has Dak Prescott ever won a unanimous MVP? Has Dak Prescott ever led the league in passing touchdowns? No. No. No. That's Lamar Jackson, who went down, and all of a sudden you saw the Baltimore Ravens not find a way up. So because of what Dak Prescott set in precedent, and because Lamar Jackson — love you, Dak — is greater than a Dak Prescott, there's no conversation about his value. It's just how much are you going to pay him."...Should Ravens Exercise Marquise Brown’s Fifth-Year Option? (baltimoreravens.com)



Ravens fans have some of the most exciting football ever and there are those who want to yank out the carpet from under their feet. Getting rid of Lamar will set this franchise back at least 10 years. Don't believe the fans who think they are real smart and are great GM's. You have to lose a lot of games and really, really stink to get a high enough draft pick for an "I hope to God this guy pans out as a Pro" QB in the draft. 

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You don't want to fall so far south that your team absolutely sucks just so you can draft a Joe Burrow type guy. With the talent that this team should have healthy next season, Joe Flacco would have had a field day and we didn't draft him until mid-first round IIRC. So you look for a competent guy like Joe. BUT only if Lamar shows no progress. If we're still treading water next year we will know it's time to let Lamar go. I hope that doesn't happen...Lamar has the ability he just needs a coach to keep him on the beam at all times.

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41 minutes ago, oldno82 said:

The draft is of course important but it's also something of a crap shoot once you get past round 2.

Not if you are good at evaluating.  Look how often Pitt picks late round we talent.  Look at all the untreated lb talent we have developed.  

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I'm talking about starting quarterbacks. Geez it's hard enough to find them in round 1 and nearly impossible after that. Look at how many shots at finding one the Browns and Bengals took over the years and only now do they have competent qb's.


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