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NFL Games are Fixed


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It looks like it with the Flores information coming tolight. He was asked to lose by his GM. 

Now this revelation by Hue "1-31" Jackson....



Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores alleges Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 per loss during the 2019 season in order to ensure the team would wind up with the first overall pick and former Browns coach Hue Jackson made similar allegations in response to Flores’ lawsuit going public on Tuesday.

Jackson responded to a tweet about the case by saying Browns owner Jimmy Haslam “was happy while we kept losing” and then wrote “trust me it was a good number” in response to someone who said Haslam wasn’t offering $100,000 per loss. Jackson, who is now the head coach at Grambling, went 1-31 over his first two seasons with the Browns and was fired after a 2-5-1 start in 2018....Hue Jackson suggests he was paid extra for losses as Browns head coach - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)

With the NFL embracing legalized gambling then how much can we trust the outcomes of games?


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Nothing to see here folks, as far as tanking goes. Fans, media have talked about teams tanking for decades, to the point of humor. All of the talking heads on the "sports stations" for years have said team x should tank for the #1 spot.

Some have even postured that those team have, so why is it news, breaking news, earth shattering news now? Because Flores says he was offered money to tank? Or Jackson says it, only to walk it back?

Nothing is being fixed, if it were with all of the idiots who have gone through the NFL, and flubbed out, surely those brainiacs, brilliant idiots would have spoken up by now...

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MIAMI -- The NFL notified the

Miami Dolphins on Tuesday that the team would be stripped of its 2023 first-round pick, among other disciplinary measures, for violations of league policies relating to the integrity of the game.

Following a six-month investigation, the league found the Dolphins -- primarily team owner Stephen Ross and vice chairman/limited partner Bruce Beal -- violated the anti-tampering policy on three occasions from 2019 to 2022 in conversations with quarterback Tom Brady and the agent for then-New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton....

The NFL, however, found no evidence that the team intentionally lost games during the 2019 season. In February, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores said in his lawsuit alleging racism in the league's hiring practices that Ross attempted to incentivize him to "tank," or purposely lose games, shortly after he was hired in 2019, with Ross allegedly offering Flores $100,000 for every loss that season. Flores alleged that as the team won games late in the season, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told him Ross was "mad" that the on-field success was "compromising [the team's] draft position."

So telling him to lose games and offering him 100k was only a one time joke?





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