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As soon as the transcript is posted I'll get it here. All I can say is that listening to Eric leaves you feeling that the Ravens organization is in great hands. The guy is so smooth, fast, intelligent and preceptive. He also holds himself accountable and says where he fell short or failed. And he looks like a hitman so don't mess with him...Image result for images eric decosta ravens


Her's some statements...

“Eric DeCosta on Lamar Jackson contract talks: "This is an unusual negotiation, because I've been dealing with the player. For me to talk about any specifics would be prohibitive."
DeCosta said he's spoken to Jackson five or six times over the past year about his contract.”

Jamison Hensley on Twitter
“Ravens GM Eric DeCosta said he's talked to Lamar Jackson five or six times over the past year in regards to his contract.

"At this point, we're working at Lamar's pace," DeCosta said. "We will operate at his urgency,"”The Ravens have the salary cap flexibility to handle Lamar Jackson’s fifth-year option, but ‘nothing has changed’ on their feelings about him.

“He wants to win the division. He wants to win the Super Bowl. I think he and I both share that same vision.”

“It’s probably my mistake,” DeCosta said Friday at his postseason news conference. “I don’t want to use [the word] assuming, but I was expecting Ronnie would come back this year, full strength. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. There’s probably a lot of blame to go around.

“Ultimately, I’m the guy who has to talk to the various doctors and trainers and make a decision and determination at that position. My understanding and belief was that Ronnie would come back this year and play really good football for us, and be healthy and be strong and be ready to go. He wasn’t. That was a big setback.”

“I can’t really comment on his rehab at this point,” he said. “But I’m optimistic and I truly believe that Ronnie’s going to be back this year and play good football, play winning football and become, again, the Ronnie Stanley that is an All-Pro left tackle.”

“DeCosta: "I love Marcus (Peters). I talk to him all the time. Marcus is one of these guys that when he comes to the organization, he provides such an authentic perspective. He's a Raven. I would expect Marcus to be here."”

“Ravens GM Eric DeCosta said he expects the team to pick up the fifth-year option on WR Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. The Ravens have to exercise that option by May, which would keep Brown under contract through 2023.”

“DeCosta said that the offensive line will definitely be a point of emphasis this offseason.
"For us to be the very best offense we can be, we've got to have a strong, commanding offensive line.


Read it and weep, papa.....

“DeCosta on John Harbaugh: "I don't think there's a better head coach in the National Football League. I couldn't imagine any situation standing here today where I wouldn't want to be with Coach Harbaugh for many years to come."”


See the source image

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Here's the full transcript of Eric's Presser....EVP & GM Eric DeCosta Press Conference Transcript (baltimoreravens.com)

I thought it was very detailed and revealing. He addressed every issue and said what he could publicly on controversial topics. You give the media an inch and they will take a mile to sound controversial or sensational. OK...He didn't tell us who he's drafting, signing, or how many O and D lineman he's getting. I will forgive him for that. He couldn't definitively say that Stanley will be back 100% for training camp and playing like his old self because he isn't God. 

2022 Off season. This is his make-or-break hour. And the Ravens. 

See the source image

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Thanks for posting the transcript. EDC obviously can't get too specific but I kind of got a sinking feeling when he was talking about our running backs making it back this year. Sounds like he'll be looking to draft a RB and maybe go the free agent route in order to give us some back up in case Dobbins and Edwards won't be ready.

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