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Could Roman be leaving


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Roman has his critics, but you won’t find many of them connected with Stanford football. The Cardinal is looking for a new head coach after David Shaw resigned, and Roman has already been touted as a leading candidate after the success he enjoyed with John’s younger brother Jim Harbaugh from 2009 to 2010.


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I hit bottom on Roman when they were tied 3-3 with the Panthers going into the 4th quarter. 

He's failed to develop Lamar as a passer. He's failed at developing receivers. He's failed at developing a passing offense. This is the worst when you consider all teams stack the box and there's no excuse for not making them pay by burning with the pass. He's failed as a play caller in the passing attack. He never evolved.

What good does it do you to average 162 yards rushing per game, which is very good,  and only throw for 193? Which is poor. In their best season under Roman they threw for 201 yards per game. Lamar's MVP year!

Ravens passing attack was last in 2020 at 170 yards per game. There's been no improvement. Lamar is not getting the coaching development that he needs. These assistant coaches either are not getting it done or Roman is not listening to them.

It's time to send him....

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Jamison Hensley • TweetShift
 — Today at 3:25 PM
John Harbaugh confirmed Ravens OC Greg Roman was contacted about the opening for the Stanford job. Harbaugh believes it’s “preliminar

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Agreed Max, his route combinations are either atrocious or being run incorrectly, all the time, in every game.

Multiple players in the same zone, no spacing, no routes run to purposely get another player open.

So, either his seems stink or the players are mixed up on what to run.

We are no talking about turning inside when they should turn outside. We are talking about running a flat route to the field side when they should have run it to the boundaries.

If that is the case and the coaches are not correcting them, or if they are and the players, for years, and different players, are still doing this, it is quite an indictment on the coaches so someone has to be fired.

Even if that firing is allowing them to leave for another job

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Well, Stanford did not help us out...

Here is an excellent read on the air raid offense, on an up & coming offensive coordinator in Graham Harrell, a name I would love to see on the Ravens coaching staff..

Hammer and Rails: Sound the Alarm. Walters hires Air Raid Offensive Coordinator Graham Harrell.

The Air Raid offensive system was developed by the late Mike Leach and Hal Mumme but gained notoriety by those two at Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Washington State, and Mississippi State. It features a system in which 65-75% of the play calls over the course of a season will be passes and gives the quarterback the freedom to audible freely at the line of scrimmage to any play based on what they see pre-snap. The overview of the concepts of the Air Raid is a simplified passing system that uses multiple receivers to overload zone defenders and pick man defenders.

Harrell has moved away from the 70%+ passing offense that Mike Leach used to a more balanced approach that he learned from North Texas HC Seth Littrell where they ran the ball 47.8% of the time. In his two seasons with USC, Harrell ran the ball 41% and 43.2% of the time and it is likely that will be around where the play calling will come next season with Devin Mockobee being the best returning player for the offense.

What Will Purdue’s Offense Look Like?

Likely Purdue’s offense will favor the run much more than Mike Leach’s offense did with a player like Devin Mockobee and will likely look similar to what was being run at USC in 2020 and 2021 that featured Kedon Slovis at quarterback (Slovis is in the portal along with West Virginia’s JT Daniels). There will be a lot of crossover from what we saw with Brohm but Harrell will look to gain advantages in the run game utilizing an extra blocker in the backfield or using RPO (Runn-Pass Option) concepts.


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