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Can we put some closure on this guy now?


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Like most fans, I wanted Gaither to succeed.

He just didn't want to.


Gaither Misses K.C. Practice Again


After missing two practices last week for the Chiefs, tackle Jared Gaither had to leave Sunday’s session about midway though, according to the Kansas City Star.


Gaither’s absences started piling up after he said he was 100-percent healthy last week and planned on starting.


I only bring this up because it solidifies Ravens brass’ decision to move in a different direction. We all wish Gaither the best with his health and career, but his uncertain status was always tough to deal with.


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you are right Yager. When we got him in the supplemental I think that was the thought....Great talent with issues. Take a low risk chance on him and do whatever with him if it doesn't shake out. Seeing his potential was painful for us as fans but for the FO they knew it was a possibility. Damn!

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And I was vilified for saying that he should be traded. Come on anyone who thinks I was wrong last yr please say you still want him around now.


You are assuming there was a trade market for him. I took him a while in free agency to find a team willing to take a risk on him, what makes you think there was someone last season that was willing to give up a draft choice for him.


Sorry Papa, but a lot of your posts about trade this and that vet away are senseless. This is not Madden. Most teams don't have a stupid AI at their centre where they do stupid trades every offseason. Most teams can't afford to trade away vets because of cap hits. Those vets that get cut at the end of their contracts get picked up as free agents and teams wouldn't trade for them because there is the likelihood they will be released so no need to waste a draft pick.

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