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Losing battle for Chris Johnson

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I agree on most points with Prisco here...


...I wouldn't make him (Chris Johnson) close to being the highest-paid offensive player in the NFL.

The game has changed. Backs don't decide winners anymore.


They used to be the stars. Now they're just part of the show -- which is headlined by the passing game.


Doubt me? The top five running backs in the NFL are arguably Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Maurice Jones-Drew and Jamaal Charles. How many playoff games did they win between them last season?


None. Zippo. Zilch.


As we ready for the 2011 season, which one of those backs plays on a team favored to win its division?


None. Zippo. Zilch.


Backs are role players now. The rules mandate that. The Titans were 17th in rushing last season with him. They were 27th in total offense. How much worse can they be without him?



Just 1 of many messes in the NFL.

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When is his deal done? I am thinking the Ravens should trade him off and rip some team off. RB's a dime a dozen.


I think he has this season and next to run. Same as Flacco. There will be talks I'm sure at the end of this season. But the snails pace that our front office gets these guys signed means 1 of them is destined for the franchise tag.

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Gawd help us, see how the Colts fucked up the system giving Overrated Freeney all that money, and all the money we had to give our own version in Suggs.


Ray Rice is going to want the moon.



That's what I say. Had they redone the seal like they should have with Ngata so they weren't in the position they find themselves in now. I am starting to think that Ngata will play under the tag deal and I believe that is a one time use. That would put him on the market next yr.

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6. I think the Chris Johnson story -- he's been downright awful, shows no burst whatsoever, is making zero tacklers miss, and is on pace for a 715-yard rushing season -- will be a cautionary tale for all future running backs who hold out deep into training camp. And if I'm a GM, I'd think very hard about paying a ransom to a player who "works out on his own'' and then wants to be the highest-paid guy at his position. The train wreck that is Johnson's season shouldn't be forgotten.



Clearly, Johnson isn't there yet. Texans outside linebackers Brooks Reed and Connor Barwin had no problem sealing the running edge and helping the Texans' defense contain Johnson to 18 yards on 10 carries. For the season, Johnson has 268 yards in six games and is averaging only 2.9 yards a carry, not reaching the value of his $13 million-a-year contract.


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