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Has Ngata earned his contract yet?

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They could be ready for more injuries and incentives. When they hit you have to be under the cap within 24 hrs. So if say in Dec a few set of incentives comes up they may have to make cuts to get back under.


Was that part of the new CBA? The old CBA definitely had 2 definitions of incentives. Those likely to be earned where taken from the current year's salary cap at the start of the season just as if they were salary. Those unlikely to be earned were then not due until the season after they were earned.


Therefore if an incentive that was likely to be earned but wasn't (most likely due to injury), this became a cap credit in the following year and was offset against the charge for those unlikely to be earned incentives that were actually earned.


This system makes sense, so If they changed it in the last CBA it was a stupid move.

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My understanding and I have not read the CBA so I can't be certain but you can only be tagged 1 time. I had heard it on the radio. If I were his agent I would go to the market and maximize the value of the deal. Of course there is the Kindle effect that could burn you if you wait. These agents don't seem to mind the bad situations.

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