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Lions roaming into town


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Yes, not sure how this team will respond to playing right after a London game. Teams are not only lethargic when playing over seas, but they also have to deal with the trip back. Will the team's choice not to take their bye week now come back to bite them like a lion on a gazelle? So who are the Lions?

Detroit is riding high, over performing to some, but they are their record, 5-1, 5th offensively averaging 259.5 per games through the air, with 11 tds to 3 picks, Goff has been sacked 10 times. They are averaging 124.2, on the ground, 4.0 per carry, with 9 rushing tds

Defensively, they are 18th against the pass, 221 yards via the pass,  allowing 8 tds, with 6 picks, and 15 sacks and 64.7 rushing yards per game. They are holding teams to 18.8 pts per game, and to 33% on 3rd downs. They are 7th in total defense.

Of Note; they have won 4 in a row, all by 14 pts or more


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I think the offense is slowly coming into its own. We've seen glimpses of it over the past five games. They have scored first in every game, some with opening drives, some with touchdowns others with field goals.

Red zone to start was outstanding, some hiccups lately, maybe play calling at fault, maybe performance, dropped passes, missed open receivers, lack of patience/ vision in running.

They have no truly been at full strength until this past game, just needed to knock the rust off.

 Could the Ravens offense being on the cusp of dominating? Putting a full game together?

No doubt this defense will be tested as never this year, but Goff has shown, if you pressure him he will toss a pick or two...

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The Lions are a good team. The Ravens look like they're getting ready to turn the corner into playing up to their potential. Just wish the offense would look as good in the 2nd half as they do in the first. Not only are they playing inconsistently between games they are doing so in-game.

Monken's opening drive game plan has been flawless but something is still lacking as the game progresses. Appears to be a mixture of poor execution and questionable play calling as game moves in to the second half.

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I don't think they will be able to afford Queen, I think they can find a version of Queen in the draft, maybe even via free agency cheep. Like Ray, Agent 0 will make his playing partner better.

Stone, now there is a good question. Williams has just been snake bit since coming here, when he has played, wow, excellent. But he hasn't played many games because of serious injuries, not just those pesky nit picking ones.

Stone clearly had learned a lot from Williams, he has upped his game 10 fold over the past 2 seasons. Whether as a safety in coverage or down in the box, as a slot corner, he is a Leatherman (yes better than a Swiss army knife).

I think and would agree, they will try to pay Stone, maybe even at the expense of cutting Williams if they have to for cap reasons.

There are a few very good safeties in the draft, see that as cheap.

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Queen has been a monster this year. I'm not so sure it will be easy to replace him with somebody who has equivalent production. It is true Smith made him better. I have a feeling we'll miss Queen next year though.

Agree that it's more prudent to keep Stone than Williams. Makes the most sense both cap and availability wise.

Speaking of cap space, we signed OBJ to a one year $15 million salary contract but when I look at Sportrac's cap table it shows we'll carry $11 million in dead money in 2024 for him. Can someone explain why that is?


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Back to the Lions…..  they are a balanced, hungry, and well coached team. From what I’ve seen, they are playing complimentary football with a sense of urgency and energy. This team plays extremely hard for it s coach. 

Make no mistake, this will be our toughest game to date.  If we put forth an effort like the Steelers and Colts game, we’ll go down.

if we do all three things - play error free ball, convert most of our red zone opps, and Harbs stays away from the momentum killing decisions  (e.g. passing on FGs), we have a chance to pull of a victory.  Anything less than all three, we’ll come up short.

Don’t have a clue which team will show up, but Detroit is for real and better than any team we’ve seen thus far.  









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They will be the best team we've seen so far. Like you said, we need to play a game where we limit dropped passes, fumbles, and risky coaching decisions. Our defense is good and they will be ready to play. The offense is the big question. We also have to play the game with a psyched up spirit on both sides of the ball.

And dammit we have to be consistently good throughout the whole game for a change.

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Everyone was worried about the pass rush, what were the Ravens going to do to get pressure on the pocket, get sacks.

They stand tied for the league lead with 24 sacks, many, many more pressures.

If they can keep that up, Clowney has been an animal fighting the pocket, VanNoy and Mabeke as well, we might see a lot of turnovers from Goff.

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Win the toss, take the ball... limit the touches of the Lions offense

Hill to start at back again, they clearly want more speed in the back field. I wonder, maybe they are also show casing him for trade bait?

Nice play on the zone read, a quick toss to Obj for a first down.

Play action, plenty of time, finds Flowers in the 2nd window for 46.

Another play action, time, can't find anyone, runs for 2

2nd & 8 from the 16 of the Lions, Gus up the middle for 5

3rd and 3 from the 9

Oh he looked at Likely,, but runs for 2, 4th and 1, going for it

Fake hand off, runs around left end, Touchdown Ravens! Stanley leads the way! Woo Hoo!

7-0 Ravens, just over 10 mins left in the first


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7 plays, 75 yards in 4:23, once again they are the first team to score and, they easily score in the redzone

Now what can the defense do

Big mistake by the special teams, short kick sets the Lions up at their 38

Crowd is amped

Run off of their right side for 4

Throws to the left flat, incomplete

3rd and 6

Major pressure, sacked Madebeke and company! Well done he and Pierce, caused a fumble as well

Fair catch interference will set the Ravens up at the 32 8:21 left in the first

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Pass to Andrews, who was open, too far inside, incomplete

Pass in the direction of Andrews on 3rd and 7, incomplete but illegal contact keeps the drive alive. Possible intentional grounding, penalties off set

Andrews ran inside route, Lamar threw an outside route

Boutz is picked up, Lamar finds Bateman over the middle for 20

Gus over the left, gets enveloped for no gain


From the 50

Plenty of time, finds Bateman for 20 on the right side

Gus to the left following a pulling Moses, gain of 9


Play fake, side arms to Bateman off target

3rd and 1

Back to Pass, can't find anyone, escapes to the left for 5 yards


Hutchenson forces him to flee, gain of 3

Under 4 mins left in the 1st from the 16

Pass to Obj in the left flat 4

Dancing around, avoiding a sack, finds Algalor in the endzone, touchdown Ravens! Woo Hoo!

14-0 Ravens!

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Defense, your turn!

Wow, 9.8 seconds on that play, we'll done Oline, Lamar and the receivers to keep working!

11 plays, 68 yards, 5:46 and once again, touchdown in the redzone

3:11 left in the first, Lions 2nd possession

Crowd is jacked!

Blitz, dump down to the back for 2 yard gain

Run to the right for 4

3rd and 4

A little pressure, pass to the right, incomplete, great coverage, Queen is down

4th down

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3rd possession in the 1st quarter, Queen walked off on his own, good sign

1:59 left in the 1st quarter

Monster punt forces a fair catch inside the 10 yard line

Need at least a first down, give the punter some room

Pass to Pbj at the 28

All day to throw, pass to Andrews just too high. Holding on Stanley

1st and 20

1 min

Flips one to Flowers in the right flat, too high

2nd and 20

Hill to the left gets 9

3rd and 11

Pass to deep left to Flowers for 20, end of 1st! Great first  quarter by both offense and defense

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Here we go

From the 49

Riccardo wide open off of play fake for a gain of 30

A flip to Mitchel who make a man miss with a great move for a gain of 9

Wide receiver screen to Flowers for 4

From the 11 Andrews in the flat, puts on the speed, dives, Touchdown Ravens! 12:54 left in the half

21-0 Ravens!

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