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Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, and Rex Grossman


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Have all passed for more yards than Flacco. I love Joe Flacco and I don't want another QB for this Ravens team.


However, Joe needs to find a way to step up his game a little.




I really liked that Joe moved around a bunch and did find some open receivers in the 1st qtr. This is not what he's good at and it's clear that he's been trying to get better.




It seems when Joe is scrambling, he's only looking for one receiver, Ray Rice.


That's not entirely a bad thing, but when you see the good QBs buy time and improvise, that pass goes to the WR more often than the check down. The WR that can make plays in the open field.


Boldin should be catching 70-90 balls this year. He's not on pace for that and that has to fall on Joe. I know Boldin is open.


Joe you've simply got to step up just a little more against these good opponents. Just a little Joe. Unfortunately to improve that small amount, it probably means working much harder than most people would realize. However, if Joe wants to be top 5 likes he's told the world, I'm sure he knows that he's gonna have to put in some more work.

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Fortunately, Joe has time to get this right. Its not where the team/Joe is now, but where team/ he is in December/January.


We have heard 'ad nauseum' about the need for Joe getting comfortable with his WR corps. Its true. He really needs to get accliimated with Boldin, Smith, Evans (when healthy), Doss, etc. Sure, he's not Aaron Rodgers, Brees, or Brady and not going to be. But until he get comfortable with his receiving corps and OL, Joe will continue to have uneven performances - sharp one week, bad the next. Perhaps, as his OL and WR play together more and consistently, Joe will improve to 2 solid games, followed by a stinker. Who knows, by the end of the season, he might eliminate the bad games all together.


The good news - Joe has faced three of the toughest Ds in the NFL- Steelers, Jets and Titans - on the front end with a limited group of receivers. Perhaps his familiarity and continuity with his WRs/OL and an improved running game coincides with a more foregiving schedule as we approach the back end.


Until then, lets be patient with Joe and trust he gradually finds his mojo and peaks at seasons end :thumbup:












, ,




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The fact that we've played the Jets and Titans, probably two of the best pass defenses in the NFL does speak volumes, however Joe needs to pass for 180 to 210 in those games to be considered doing what he's supposed to against tough competition.


However a win is a win and I'm not complaining when the QB plays within himself and doesn't make poor throws to lose a game. (Romo) Just speaking my mind on where improvement can be made.

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Anybody here want McCoy, Sanchez or Friedman?


Absolutely not I would wager, however the point remains and is undeniable. Flacco should pass for more yards than those 3 without question. I guarantee Joe would agree. Likely by the end of the season will have passed them and he'll be in the top 10. The other three haven't probably played as good defenses.


I'm just pointing something out for improvements sake, not to tear the guy up. He set the bar, not myself. I believe that he can make it there, but I'm sure he'd have to agree at this point, there's work to be done.

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I like to believe in Joe but I was disconcerted both by the INT he threw (because it was a bad decision) and the fact that he looked like a beaten man in the second half. I know he's got talent, and I know he's got to get comfortable with his receivers and when he's 'on' he looks great. Va makes a very valid point about playing against the defenses we have, especially the Jets. But, if he's going to become a very good or 'elite' QB, he's going to have to find a way to make plays even if its just a few against the really super defenses.


No I don't want McCoy, Sanchez, or Freeman or many others. I think Joe is on the cusp of being an excellent quarterback but I'm not as sure as I used to be. Cam's playcalling didn't help in the Jets game either.

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I don't think Joe is being helped much by the route combinations that are being run. I haven't bashed Cam before but where are the quick hitters to Boldin. If the CB is backed off him then hit him quick and turn him into a RB. Where are the slants to him? I can't remember the last time I saw him running a slant that Joe threw to him on.


If we are going to have a WR running deep and taking a safety with him where is the WR or TE filling the space vacated over the middle or to that safety's side. When I have saw someone running open in that space Joe seems to still throw to the deep man. It worked against the Rams but 20 yard gain is still a big play Joe. Joe also needs to work some on his long ball. He overthrows WRs too much but hopefully that will come as he gets his timing down with Torrey and Evans when he returns.


An interesting point was raised in the commentary for either the Jets game or the Rams game that the Ravens run play action more than any other team. I can't remember the last time I was watching and was actually fooled by the playaction. We just don't sell it very well at all. Joe is normally snatching the ball away again when the RB is still 2 or 3 yards away from him. Who is that fooling? He does do a good job on draw plays though by selling the pass so why can't he do a better job of selling the run?


Where is the hurry up? Many teams run it when they get a favorable personnel matchup that they want to exploit and not let the other team sub in. Have we run a hurry up offense outside of the 2 minute drill at any point this season? Perhaps it again has something to do with having so many new faces on offense and not having that familiarity with the play calls/hand signals that come in a hurry up. However, that is an excuse that will no longer be valid after the bye week. Lets see some more of Joe in the hurry up out of the shot gun.


With all that said, Cam is doing a lot of things I really like. Running to the right side seems to be working and he stuck with it against the Jets when they finally stopped passing. I also like seeing them split Ray Rice out wide. The Ravens could really get more out of Ray if they watch a little bit of film on how the Patriots use Wes Welker. I think Cam should consider using Ray Rice and Ricky Williams on the same plays. Ray split out wide and Ricky in the backfield means it could be a pass or a run play. Some more imagination would go a long way and it seems to be missing from Cam's playbook since the 1st season he got here when he had to be creative because of the lack of talent on the Ravens offense at the time.

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