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Ravens Halloween Jeckyl/Hyde Game


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The first half Ravens offense and special teams did their best to lose this game. They actually pergfected their losing skills that were show cased in the MNF Jaguars game.

They did have the running game going which was chewing up huge chunks of yards but suddenly found themselves down by 21 points.




They had to go hurry up. They had to go shotgun because the line...McKinnie, Girode and Birk were letting everybody in on Flacco. Cam Cammeron does not like doing this...because Joe was very good at this in college and it leads to drives, points in bunches and defenses on their heelz.

He did not want to shock Ravens fans eyes with an offense playing with rythmn.


So he did what he thought would lose games for the Ravens. On the final drive he called passes. He had Joe throw deep to Smith.



Torry caught it. Ravens win.


405 yards of offense.

Biggest comeback win in Ravens history.

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Our ExtremeRavens insider sneaked this photo that he took in the trainers room at halftime as they tried to RE-ANIMATE Brandon McKinney for the 2nd half...


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This game was just waht this team needed. To be down and come back for the win, the way they did. This team needed to see Joe struggle early, as he did in Ten and Jax, but rebound in the 2nd half and be almost flawless, leading to a win. Who cares if it was the Cardinals, they were not playing like the down trodden team from Arizona. Their defense stepped up, the receivers were tightly covered. They played bump and run, something these receivers struggle with (something the Steelers will do as well), yet Joe found away to get the ball to them where they could make the catch. Yes, Q helped him with some great catches, but as he said; That's why they brought him in here".


They still have a long way to go, but take nothing away from this win, as I am sure many of the pundits around B-more will. This was a signature win.

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