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But his body could betray him. That happens all the time. Had JO's toe not betrayed him he might still be playing.


I get that. The shelf life of an NFL RB is short.

Franchise him at $7 mil a year for the next 2 years. He's rich. The Ravens have him in his prime. Everybody wins.

You will not get a draft pick equal to Ray Rices value...plus even if you get a pick that's close, it's not a sure thing that player will pan out. Ray's a sure thing. You don't give up sure things...unless you get some outrageous offer.

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Yeah, but Ray Rice really keeps this offense going, there's no question. If you have a great RB in their prime, you keep em going. I'm not saying commit long term dollars, but their's no question as to RR's impact on this offense. The teams gear to stop him, not Joe. He's dynamic and a playmaker. I don't mind paying guys for that.

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When the offense has floundered, Ray wasn't given the ball. The heavier back stuff doesn't hold water cuz they used that to get rid of Priest Holmes. Holmes went on the be on hell of back and a TD machine. We need to use Ray properly. Right now I think Cam is trying to for square pegs (his game plans) into round holes (the players strengths and abilities).


The best OC's are ones that recognize players strengths and capabilities and create game plans that play to them.


How many times have we seen Boldin running deep routes when we know Boldin is a slot receiver. How many times have we seen a jump ball with Boldin? Also not his forte. We've also seen Joe being forced to drop back from center when he's a natural shotgun QB. There are numerous examples.


I don't believe that Cam's running plays are geared to Rice's strengths. Just my honest opinion.

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My point being, I think that RR can be more effective here if he's allowed to do more of what he's good at. Priest could have been good with the Ravens too. I'm not really disagreeing with you, just saying I think more can come out of RR right here.


If I have a north south runner, I pound him in the middle. That's what we do!


If I have a shifty guy that reads holes well, I run counters, draws, pitches, etc. We have Ray running alot of what a north south runner would run. We don't have any good stretch plays that Rice would love to eat up.

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