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Who's next?


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After watching the Cards upset the Panthers who do you think the Ravens will play next week?


Stealers or the Chargers?


I have a feeling the Chargers will win. Sunny southern California here we come.


Might as well continue this unreal deja vou ride.....the Ravens went to California to beat the Raiders in the AFC championship game in 20001.



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I do not see how Ben can be anywhere near ready to go mentally, and I think there are a lot of lies coming out of Steelers camp on his condition. The Steelers better be able to run the ball, for I do not think Ben is going to be mentally ready for this. It will be '06 all over again. If the Chargers can force the Steelers into throwing the ball, I think they have a great chance at winning.

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Not looking forward to either, but I'm hoping for a Chargers win (I hate their fans) because I'll be in San Diego next weekend and will be expecting everyone here to PayPal me money for tickets. :)


Barring that, it doesn't matter. I'm not feeling it.*



































































*Might as well be consistent. I'll wear the same underwear next week too.

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Guest BallTMore

It's the Steelers. No surprise. This is going to be an excellent AFCC game. Two teams that play football the way it's supposed to be played.



So now that is out of the way...



*clears throat* Fuck Pittsburgh!

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Just heard an interview with Cam Cameron on The Sirius Blitz with Adam Schein and Marty Schottenheimer.


On the development of Flacco, Cam gave big props to Hugh Jackson. Cam joked and said all he does is make sure he "doesn't screw anything up" that Hugh teaches Flacco. Interesting note, Hugh Jackson made the call on the nine route to Clayton on the third down to set up the game-winning field goal for Stover. Hugh told Cam he was confident that we were going to see man coverage on the outside, and thought Flacco and Clayton could make the play to give Matt an easier field goal. Everyone agreed that Hugh has a bright future as a coach, and how fortunate we are to have him on our staff this season.


Marty asked Cam to compare Flacco to a QB. Cam laughed and said Marty taught him never to make comparisons. Anyways, Cam said Flacco has a Gus Frerotte-like arm, an Elvis Grbac body-type, and a poise that he has never seen before for such a young player. Cam stated that Flacco had a rep of being unmotivated because of his calm demeanor. However, he said Flacco is an incredible competitor with a burning fire. Ultimately, Cam said Flacco is just scratching the surface of his potential.


Offensive gameplan this week is to run the ball, protect Flacco, take care of the football, and eliminate the pre-snap penalties. Cam says if we can keep Joe standing, he likes our chances. He said the offensive line is going to have their hands full this week with Pittsburgh's pass rush.


Cam gave big praise to Derrick Mason. Said he has never been around a professional like Derrick Mason. Cam made the point that Derrick is rubbing off on Clayton.


On the play-clock fiasco Cam said that has happened against us multiple times this season, so we finally got one back. Nevertheless, what is done is done, and we won.

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