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Suggs DPOY


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I was hyped when they announced he won. You could tell he was excited too from the way he bounced out of his seat. I don't know that he expected to win. He gave a nice speech shouting out Ray, Reed, his coaches, the Ravens, and Ravens Fans.




Suggs Named Defensive Player Of Year


The Ravens outside linebacker becomes the third Ravens player to win the award.


Posted by Garrett Downing on Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at 7:53 pm | Categories: 2011 Season Gameday, Garrett Downing


Terrell Suggs has joined his future Hall of Fame teammates in an elite class.

Suggs was named the Associated Press 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, joining Ray Lewis safety Ed Reed as the three Ravens who have won the award.


The award was presented Saturday night as part of the “NFL Honors” awards show in Indianapolis in the buildup to the Super Bowl.

“I want to thank the Ravens organization, my teammates, my position coach, Teddy M. [outside linebacker coach Ted Monachino], all of our defensive coaches, and most importantly, the City of Baltimore,” Suggs said.



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Guest BallTMore
Finally they realize a player for his all around ability and not just one stat.


Indeed! When people see he had zero sacks they think he had a bad game. What they don't see in running backs hitting the turf as soon as they run to his side.


Congrats to Sizzle! And I agree with oldno. Suggs has really become a leader of this team. No player this season got the crowd as hyped as Suggs did, and that's huge when you have Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Ngata on the same field.

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Wanted to pop by and say congrats to Suggs winning DPOY.


In some ways it's surprising when a Raven or Steeler wins it - since both teams have so many great players on defense that team play often overshadows individual effort - even great effort. But he was definitely worthy of the award.

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I'm kind of annoyed by how many people think Allen or Pierre-Paul should have won it. Allen played on an atrocious defense as part of an atrocious team (and didn't do much outside of his sacks, mind you), and JPP didn't even start until about week 6.


Suggs was the DPOY without a doubt, and it's exciting to know he's ours.

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NFL Defensive Player of the Year voting Name Team Votes Terrell Suggs, LB Ravens 21 Jared Allen, DE Vikings 14 Justin Smith, DE-DT 49ers 6 Jason Pierre-Paul, DE Giants 5 Patrick Willis, LB 49ers 2 NaVorro Bowman, LB 49ers 1 Charles Woodson, CB Packers 1

Noteworthy is that Suggs was the only player from the AFC who got a vote...


Jared Allen, Justin Smith and Jason Pierre-Paul (the three J's?) all split 35 NFC Defensive End votes... and Allen/Smith probably both had better years than Suggs.


Can't say for sure, but I think this is a factor.


I love Suggs to death, and I was rooting for him to win DPOY. But if I'm being realistic, Jared Allen is a better player and had a better season.

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