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Suggs will play this year


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:bow: SWEET!!!! :gorave:


The reigning Defensive Player of the Year ‘has his target date’ for when he could return.


Reigning Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggsicon-article-link.gif is eligible to come off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list in just over two weeks, meaning that he could return from his Achilles tendon injury as early as the Week 7 matchup in Houston.


Suggs and the Ravens have been mum recently about a specific date for him to suit up again, but Head Coach John Harbaugh said on Friday that the outside linebacker does have a game in mind.


"He has his target date,” Harbaugh said, without sharing the specific date. "He is doing well. The main thing we want to do now is make sure there is no setback, and he continues to get in shape and continues to get stronger.”


Football shape will be a factor,” Harbaugh said. "As soon as he gets on the field, it’s not like he is going to be back to Defensive Player of the Year form. We need to all understand that. Just give him a little space and let him kind of grow into this thing.”

While it may take some time for Suggs to regain his form as an elite defender, Harbaugh expressed no doubts that his linebacker will return to action later this season. And that’s good news for the Ravens.


"He is going to be back,” Harbaugh said.



I love it. as the saying goes..."Everythings gonna beeeeeee alright!"

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Guest BallTMore

I can't say I'm expecting much, especially after seeing him on the sideline these past two games. He has definitely gained weight (understandably). I'd also hate to see him rush back and get hurt again, but that's what doctors are for. If they clear him to play I'm all for it.


I hope hope he can come can and give this defense a boost. We miss him a lot.

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Suggs would be huge for this team, but are we going to get the game changing Suggs? I'm just not convinced he can really contribute meaningfully this year. The achilles is such a nasty injury.

Plus, what kind of football-shape could he possibly be in?

He's a tough guy though, and might surprise us.

We need him.

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