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I will also say I worked at a photo lab that the Colts marching band used and the leader of the band often came in. He was crazy. Nice, but crazy.


I was John Zienmans UPS man, I delivered all those heavy hot ass Marching Ravens Uniforms..And if you think hes crazy, his wife is a loon, shes the elderly gray curlied hair woman thats with the band leader all the time on the field.

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will Indy take that credit too :(


I know where you are going with this.


I must say, Mike Greenberg in the MAN!!! on the MNF Pregame he would not put Unitas and Manning together, as a matter of fact he went out of his way to say that Indys records started in 1984.


Hes the guy we need on our side to get the Hall of Fame to right the injustice that is up there..

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