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Browns Game


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This is generally a close game and it's their Super Bowl.

Factor in how the team has performed recently and on the road and it will be a close score.


If the offense lays an egg in the 1st quarter and keeps the crowd in the game, then it's going to be a long day.

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I share your sentiment - I look for a grind it out affair with the outcome decided near the end. Perhaps a game winning FG - either Tucker or Dawson.


I believe the outcome of this game has large implications for the remainder of our season .


Go Ravens !



If it's a tough "gind it out" game then the outlook for this season is not good.


Hell...you never know...Joe could put up 35 on them.

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"The vibe is really good," said receiver Josh Cribbs. "We really believe we can beat the Ravens [sunday], not just come close. They're a good team, but we feel like they're ripe to be beat."

...."This is a really big game for us," said safety T.J. Ward. "This game will decide if we can keep looking forward to the playoffs or if we just have the next game to look forward to."

Quarterback Brandon Weeden, who has steadied since throwing the pick-six that proved to be Baltimore's winning points in their 23-16 victory in week four, thinks the Browns are still in the conversation.

Maybe it's a whisper, but for now, they'll take it.

"If we can go out and win some division games and put ourselves in the hunt, you never know," Weeden said. "You look at the Giants last year. They went 9-7 and ended up winning the Super Bowl. You just never know. It's a crazy league and crazy things happen in sports."


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I'll take your word on this Kevin....


Browns Are Improved


There is no team the Browns want to beat more than the Ravens. While they’ve played us tough, we have beaten them nine-consecutive times. We could give the pep talk to the Browns: “The Ravens used to be us. They left this city. They think they own us. They believe they’ll come into our stadium and bully us. They’re not bullies anymore. Let’s run it down their throats and make them plead for mercy.”


This is a turning-point game for the Browns. They’ve won two of their last three with a heart-breaking loss at Indy two weeks ago sandwiched between victories over the Bengals and Chargers. They played us tough in Baltimore a month ago. They lost to Philly by a point. They hung with the Giants in The Meadowlands. A win over us puts them in the national spotlight. We will get the best the Browns can muster.


And we’ll be ready for all of that. We’ve had to live two weeks being told of all of our flaws after the ugly loss at Houston. We have a chip on our shoulder. We have to prove we can stop a good running team – and the Browns will test us. We have to play better on the road. The Browns will get the best of us. We think we’re at a turning point, too. Let’s beat those Clevelanders. Talk with you next week.





If the Browns "get the best" of the Ravens like Kevin says, then we have a win today and just as important, it will mean the Rasvens are solving some of their problems and getting better. :gorave:

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Here we go, Im trying something different this week..Since week 1 Ive been wearing my new Torrey Smith Jersey, this week Im going back to the black Flacco jersey..


I'm wearing a new Ravens long sleve shirt and new Ravens slippers ....nothing else.... :yeah:


Those friggn'n bastards insulted the Ravens when they said "They're ripe to be beat". That's all this team needed to hear from those morons. :cop:

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