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Thoughts on Ravens win today

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I'll start it off with just a few....


Great game Cary Williams, Jacoby Jones, Kruger, Pierce, Joe and Anquan Boldin.

Williams: 10 tackles and that huge interception.

Jones is just electrifying to watch. I sit in the endzone and watching him pace back and forth before the kick or punt makes the hair on your neck stand up (if you have hair there... :thumbup: ). We see the lanes open up (and they are small) but watching Jones pick his victims who he's about to fake out is pure football excitement.

Kruger...you got your own thread...settle for that.... :bleh:


Pierce....your heart and will is better than the defenders. Damn! What a great find for Ozzie.


Joe...nice game...you'd have 14 more points if Rice doesn't fumble and Doss hangs on to a couple of passes. No turnovers...huge.

See....Joe can show some emotion...



Boldin....is he unreal! Big time players step up in big time games and he was not going to be denied. 5 catches for a new Ravens record 145 yards and one incredible TD catch.



What's with you in the playoffs Ray?



Sprained ankle and all...Leach took them on and pushed his way into the endzone.


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Lots of people stepped up today. Props to everyone you listed and special props to Joe in there for being on target and avoiding a costly turnover (though he was a bit lucky on the one pass to Smith). Boldin - way to go. We should be underdogs in Denver but we have a chance. I would much rather go to Denver than New England.

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it was a good run, but we aint going any further


We could if you put the curse on the Broncothe Ravens have to do better on 3rd down...offense and defense. The lost time of possesion 37-22. The Broncos D and offense are very good on 3rd down.

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Jaw-Dropping Stat

OK, here’s your runaway winner of the jaw-dropping stat of the day: the Colts’ offense ran 87 plays without scoring a touchdown. Eighty-seven! Do you realize what a ridiculous number that is? The Ravens’ opponents averaged 67 plays during the regular season. The New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals combined to run 94 in the Ravens’ last two regular season games. The Colts basically had the ball all day, yet weirdly, they also really never threatened to put it in the end zone. That’s the kind of defense the Ravens have played down the stretch this season, not dominating as they did in the old days, yet not yielding easily, either. It’s a savvy approach, typical of a veteran unit, and it’s the style the Ravens will take to Denver next week. Peyton Manning and the top-seeded Broncos had their way in Baltimore last month, but the Ravens defense has tightened some things up since then and could be in line for a better showing.


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I noticed the kicking and punting game playing a major part in the inability of the Colts to score TD's. Their field position( long fields) was not good after kickoffs and punts. I don't think they were able to return any kickoffs at all.Punts were all good as well. I think we have to keep peyton on a long field as well,good coverage and 0 turnovers are the recipe. As I recall the last time we played Denver we gave peyton short fields to work with either by turnovers or excellent special teams by Denver.Our special teams needs to step up for this one.

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