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Flacco deal will get done soon.


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I have no proof or evidence....just call it a gut feeling...and here's why...


From the Ravens side:

March 12th this team has to be under the Cap. If they roll into this day with Joe counting $18-20 million of that Cap, then key players like Reed, Krueger, Leach and Ellerbe will have to go. Maybe Boldin, Burke and Jones too. The Ravens do not want to lose all of them.

That's a lot of leverage and pressure Joe and his agent have on the Ravens. It's not Joe's fault that the Ravens are Cap strapped.

The Ravens have to cave in quickly.

Oh...another plus....the Ravens won't offer him an insulting deal. Their history of paying their key players very good money is excellent. The offer that they present will be very good.


From Joe's side:

He's not Drew Brees the businessman. He's not going to watch all of his buddies go because he can't make up his mind by training camp. He knows the situation and how important it is to the team for him to sign now.

He's not "Me over Everybody" Peyton Manning.

He's more like Tom Brady the businessman who took less for the team and still got filthy rich. Well.........in Tom's case maybe it wasn't enough money for him, so he went out and married a woman who brings in more money than him. He took that commitment for the team too. The Players respect how much he is suffering for them.


The way Joe has carried himself this past year and how he says nonchalantly that he'll be a Ravens tells me he knows better than everybody this is not going to be hard to get done.


Remember, this is the guy who, with his rookie signing bonus, bought his mother a lawn mower. That's it. Serious.

The man is frugal.


"vmax. You can't be saying stuff like that about me!"




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Crav, I thought I read on the net somewhere that Joe wasn't interested in guaranteed money just 20 mill a year.


Never happen, a 20 illion dollar straight contract is a 20 mil per year cap hit..It has to be front loaded to spread out the cap hit over the life of the contract.

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Never happen, a 20 illion dollar straight contract is a 20 mil per year cap hit..It has to be front loaded to spread out the cap hit over the life of the contract.

Yes...thats what I thought too. I'm getting confused by all this cap/contract/guaranteed money business.

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Here are the essentials you need to know:


1. A signing bonus can only be prorated over 5 years of the contract for salary cap purposes. So if Joe signs for 8 years and receives a $50m signing bonus. He gets $50m in his hand now and the salary cap is hit with $10m per season for the next 5 years.


2. Teams are now guaranteeing parts or all of the salary in some years. They do this to perhaps reduce the amount they need to pay out immediately in the form of a signing bonus and it provides the player with more security. So if Joe signs for 8 years and receives a $50m signing bonus but the Ravens guarantee say $80m then the other $30m needs to be made up of either guaranteed salary or bonuses. It means that Joe will receive $80m no matter what and if the Ravens cut him after year 1 they are on the hook for the other $70m no matter what.


3. As the signing bonus is only prorated over 5 years and teams are handing out 6,7,8 year contracts the Ravens may choose to add an option bonus after year 5. This could be say another $30m that would then be prorated over the final 3 years of the contract. Basically, it would look like Joe signed for 5 years and then a further 3.


4. If Joe is looking for an average of $20m per season it means that over an 8 year contract he would be looking to receive $160m. However, the Ravens could pay him $12m (salary plus bonus proration) this year and then maybe $18m next year and so on until he has made $160m over 8 years.


So his contract might look like this: 8 years, $160m, $50m signing bonus, $80m guaranteed, $30m option bonus in year 6.


Year 1: Salary $2m (guaranteed), Bonus $10m = $12m cap hit

Year 2: Salary $6m (guaranteed), Bonus $10m = $18m cap hit

Year 3: Salary $10m (guaranteed), Bonus $10m = $20m cap hit

Year 4: Salary $12m (guaranteed), Bonus $10m = $22m cap hit

Year 5: Salary $12m, Bonus $10m = $22m cap hit

Year 6: Salary $12m, Bonus $10m = $22m cap hit

Year 7: Salary $12m, Bonus $10m = $22m cap hit

Year 8: Salary $12m, Bonus $10m = $22m cap hit


Actual Cash Paid:


Year 1: $52m

Year 2: $6m

Year 3: $10m

Year 4: $12m

Year 5: $12m

Year 6: $42m

Year 7: $12m

Year 8: $12m


Joe gets his money up front but the Ravens get a favorable cap number in Year 1 and 2 and his big cap numbers aren't on the books until Suggs & Ngata finish up their current deals. These are simple rounded numbers. In reality Joe's contract will have performance bonuses and roster bonuses to supplement the salary figure each year but these numbers do show how the new CBA works.

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Ahhh, heres Drew Brees Contract from last year




Brees' 2012 salary of $40 million is fully guaranteed, breaking down as $37 million in bonus and $3 million in salary. The deal carries a $10.4 million cap hit.


In 2013, the Saints will have a three-day window to release Brees after the waiver period begins (five days after the Super Bowl); if not, Brees gets another $15 million of fully guaranteed earnings, bringing his two-year total to $55 million.


In 2014, the same three-day waiver scenario is in place before Brees is fully guaranteed another $5 million, with an additional $1 million in salary. Under the assumption Brees is the team's quarterback for the next three years, he would make $61 million during that stretch, with $60 million fully guaranteed, the highest guaranteed total for an NFL player.

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Steelers can help ensure Ravens will carry huge cap number for Flacco



We’ve established over the last two weeks that the Ravens may have to use the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Joe Flacco, and that to do so would require the Ravens to set aside, under current calculations, $20.464 million in cap space.

And while the Ravens will be required to shoulder only the non-exclusive number of $14.6 million (or thereabouts) through April 19 when the top five quarterback cap numbers for 2013 are officially determined, the numbers that apply as of April 19 become locked in the moment the Ravens use the tag.

Per a source with intimate knowledge of the rules that apply, the five highest 2013 cap numbers at the quarterback position become fixed, for Flacco’s purposes, as soon as the Ravens apply the franchise tag to Flacco. And so, if the Ravens do it on Monday, when the window for applying the tag opens, they’ll eventually be strapped with the full $20.464 million.

That’s why it makes sense for the Ravens to wait until the last possible day to apply the franchise tag, if they plan to use the exclusive version. This will ensure that any new quarterback contracts with lower cap numbers could drive the average down from $20.464 million.

And it also makes sense for one of quarterbacks with one of the five highest cap numbers in 2013 — Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger — to wait until after the March 4 deadline for use of the tag to restructure or extend his contract in a way that drops his cap number below $19.6 million. By waiting, the Steelers and Roethlisberger will be sticking the Ravens with a higher cap number.

The other top-five cap numbers for 2013 are: $21.55 million for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, $20.82 million for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, $20.35 million for Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and $20 million for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. None of those teams or players have any obvious incentive to help the Ravens out by doing a deal before March 4.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Three of the quarterbacks are represented by CAA, and CAA also represents Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin. So if Stafford or either of the Mannings will be doing a new deal anyway, doing it before March 4 could result in more cap space that could be used to keep Boldin, who has a base salary of $6 million for 2013.

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I will accept if I can't get Steve and Ozzie to hire me :yeah:


71668513-alfred-newman.jpg "That wouldn't surprise me...they have taken so many board members from us to solve their problems. I mean...people who have never worked a day in their life are now over at the Castle!"

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Flacco isn't a Manning or a Brees, or a Tom Brady, either. In those particular situations, you risk losing other big-name players and pay the quarterbacks astronomical salaries because they are that good.

Flacco isn't.

He's good enough to earn money as one of the top five through 10 quarterbacks in the NFL, but Manning, Brees and Brady carry their respective teams. In Baltimore, Flacco is just a major part of one.





Conditions have to be ideal for Flacco to succeed. He didn't put on his Superman cape until the Ravens put Bryant McKinnie at left tackle, moved Michael Oher to right tackle and inserted Kelechi Osemele at left guard. It wasn't a coincidence that his superhuman performances started late in the season, soon after Jim Caldwell replaced Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator.





You make those sacrifices for a Brady or Brees, not a Flacco, not at this time.

I understand Linta's request. He is basically a no-name trying to make a big splash in the agent market by securing a big-money contract for Flacco.





But he's not in the Manning or Brees class yet. For the most part since coming to Baltimore, Flacco has had a great defense that contributed to a lot of wins. He's also had a great front office and a good head coach, and combined with talent on the field, the Ravens are one of the better franchises in the NFL.

It's all about team.




Well stated by Preston.

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Linta, who met with the Ravens last week at the NFL scouting combine, told USA Today that negotiations with the team are "going fine" and that the talks "could be done in three minutes or three years."

He told USA Today that Flacco is willing to agree to a deal that won't compromise the Ravens' salary cap.

"Joe absolutely wants to work with the Ravens to ensure that they're not impacted cap-wise. Joe doesn't want to see anybody get cut as a result of this deal," Linta told USA Today.

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